It's different per platform. Our ultimate goal is to track every “influential” account on these platforms, including all Verified users, profiles, and accounts like celebrities, athletes, sports teams, politicians, non-profits, CEOs, journalists, media and publishers, public figures and the like. CrowdTangle is *not* meant to track “regular” people, like Dan down the street who just took a picture of a fire. It's also not capable of tracking overall usage and impressions for hashtags. The system is not on the firehose for any of the platforms we track.

Here's what we cover now:

  • Facebook: 3M+ Facebook Pages, Groups, and verified profiles. This includes all Facebook Pages with more than 110K likes (new Pages are added automatically via an API).  Thousands of verified Facebook profiles and public Groups are also tracked in the CrowdTangle database.
  • Instagram: 1.3M+ public Instagram accounts. This includes all accounts with more than 75K followers, as well as all Verified accounts.
  • Reddit: 16K+ of the most active sub-reddits. Built and maintained in partnership with Reddit.

Users can add any accounts they like to our system, so if the account you want to track was not added automatically, you can add it yourself!

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