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5 Ways to Use CrowdTangle to Discover Content on Instagram
5 Ways to Use CrowdTangle to Discover Content on Instagram

CrowdTangle is a powerful tool for spotting trends and emerging stories on Instagram. Here are five tips for making the most of it.

Written by Tess
Updated over a week ago
  1. Find the most trusted voices in small communities

Call it a neighborhood search or a search across your beat. CrowdTangle has a
powerful search that lets you find Instagram accounts that use certain terms or
hashtags, and sort accounts by metrics such as followers, interactions or growth rate.
For example, if you were looking for strong voices on the subject of fitness for
parents, you could search for the hashtag #fitmom over the last 30 days. If you save
the search to your "Saved Searches" tab, you can see a leaderboard of all the
accounts and how this hashtag performs for them. Note you can do the same thing
for geographical locations, such as #tampa or #londonbridge to find influential voices
in particular places.

2. Make sure you don't miss news from local influencers, celebrities, athletes,
politicians and others

Build lists on CrowdTangle for all of your sources, be it chefs, style makers, journalists, meteorologists, scientists, musicians, politicians, local visitors' bureaus, local bloggers, travel writers, celebrities, athletes, sports teams, and more.

3. Set up Viral Alerts so you're aware when a post is taking off

You can tie lists and searches to notifications that will alert you via email or Slack every time an Instagram post is going viral. This is especially helpful to uncover super trending content relevant to you. There's also a feature to get notified every time that account posts, so if it's a particularly important account for your beat, you'll always be up to date. (Think Beyonce's pregnancy announcement.) These can funnel into either email or Slack channels.

4. Set up Digest for daily, weekly, or monthly reports 

Beyond Viral Alerts, you can also set up digests, which will ship you the top Instagram posts of a selected account or list each day or month. This will allow you to see the crème de la crème of posts relevant to you (like the most viral athlete images or nature Instagrams of the week). 

You can set one of these up to help surface posts you wouldn't think to look for, and which are gaining traction.

5. Build a Live Display to spot visual trends

Live Displays let you create a visualization of the latest Instagram posts from a curated set of accounts, and can be a great way to keep an eye out for visual trends. 

For example, if you wanted to see what color dresses were dominating the red carpet during the Golden Globes, you could set up a Live Display to follow the celebrity and pop culture media accounts that would show the dresses, and then just take a look to see what the trends are.

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