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CrowdTangle for Assignment Editors
CrowdTangle for Assignment Editors

CrowdTangle for Local News: Tips and Tricks for Assignment Editors Using CrowdTangle

Written by Tess
Updated over a week ago
  • Create custom Lists of your sources' social accounts for your assignment desk. For example, a list of local first responders, local colleges or local businesses. Pro tip: create custom overnight digests synced to these source Lists to get their social posts sent to you in time for your morning meeting.

  • Set up neighborhood Saved Searches for your local market by the city, county and town names to discover social content in areas where your newsroom may not have readily available resources. Pro-tip: create a viral alert to be notified as soon as a story breaks in your local community.

  • Create a Live Display with four to five post streams for your local Lists and Saved Searches so you can easily monitor cross-platform social activity in real-time for you local community.

  • Use custom date ranges to follow-up on previous stories with high audience interest in your local market. You can do this to surface popular stories you posted from your own page or broaden the data set to look at stories with high engagement by other newsmakers in your market.

  • Use the Saved Posts feature to easily send story leads you find from across social to your reporters.

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