How do you handle Global Pages?

A Global Page is one with a different Page in each country

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If CrowdTangle were an international brand, we'd have different CrowdTangle Pages in each country. If you lived in France, you'd be redirected to /CrowdTangleFrance, whereas if you were in Thailand, you'd be redirected to /CrowdTangleThailand.

These are sometimes called Global Pages, Global Brand Pages, merged Fan Pages, or others, but they're all the same thing.

How do likes work for Global Pages?

The way Facebook handles Global Pages is that the likes all roll up together. So if CrowdTangle USA has 100 likes, CrowdTangle France has 110 likes, and CrowdTangle Thailand has 120, all three Pages will register as having 330 likes.

This means that if you create a leaderboard within Crowdtangle, you'd see this:

CrowdTangle USA: 330 likes
CrowdTangle France: 330 likes
CrowdTangle Thailand: 330 likes.

But I want to know how many likes USA has vs. France vs. Thailand.

We hear you. But unfortunately, we just don't have that data. The publicly available data on the number of likes is 330 for each, so that's what we have to return.

What does this mean about interaction rates for these Pages?

Astute question. It means that the interaction rate is going to look low. If CrowdTangle France only has a potential audience of 110 subscribers to send to, but it's being measured against a listed size of 330, it (and all its international Page brethren) will appear artificially low.

So if all of these Pages count the same, can I add them individually to CrowdTangle?

Actually, yes! But they are sometimes hard to find. Often, if you type "CrowdTangle France" into the Add Pages search bar (but replace "CrowdTangle" with the Page in question, of course), you will actually find what you're looking for, and can simply add it.

If not, you can add via URL. If you can get an address somehow, you can type "" or "" and our system should find it. 

Often this will work even if you can't manage to visit the site yourself (since it is geo-gated and will redirect you).

If all their likes are rolled together, are their interactions rolled together, too?

Believe it or not, no! The only metric that gets combined for Global Pages is likes, nothing else. CrowdTangle USA gets complete credit for its posts and interactions, and is entirely unrelated from CrowdTangle France in all ways outside of Page likes. Outside of that one wrinkle, Global Pages operate exactly like regular Pages, both in Facebook and in CrowdTangle.

Is it possible to visit the geo-gated Page?

It is! But only if you're willing to work for it a bit. If you have an individual Global Page in your system, view one of its posts. You can then click on Go To Post under the top-right carat:

And this will take you to the specific post, in the context of the Page in question. You can then click on the Page name to go directly to the geo-gated Page that you were redirected from before.

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