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Account Administration: Announcing CrowdTangle to Your Team
Account Administration: Announcing CrowdTangle to Your Team
Written by Tess
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Communication Strategies

In this section you will plan your communication strategy and start crafting your messaging. The goal of this step is not only to deliver facts of the roll out, but to engage new CrowdTangle users by getting them excited for their new tool.

We've also included some sample e-mail templates below that you can use in your communication campaigns!

Crafting an Effective Communication Strategy

Maximize Your Reach

Email is the hallmark of communication, but don't forget to leverage Slack channels, Facebook groups, the internal wiki, etc.  The more people you get the first time, the fewer stragglers you have to care for later!

Recruit Influential Senders

Let's be honest- people don't open all of their email.  An email sent from an Executive Sponsor is going to have higher open rates than one sent from you.  Likewise, if you can get team managers to send the emails to their teams- your open rates will soar.

Set the Right Frequency

It is not realistic to expect a single communication or announcement to reach your entire CrowdTangle user base (especially when using email). It is absolutely necessary to plan for multiple communications to ensure the message is received and acted upon.

Frequent communication is not only about delivering the message. It also demonstrates to your users that the organization has made a commitment to CrowdTangle, and that everyone is expected to do their part.

Phases of Communication (E-mail):

Launch Awareness:  (2 weeks before launch)

Let your users know about the upcoming change well in advance. Build excitement and make sure that expectations are communicated clearly!  This e-mail should include:

  • The official CrowdTangle launch date

  • An e-mail address they can contact if they have questions


Supporting New Users (One launch day)

You should have an e-mail ready to send out the day CrowdTangle goes live!  The big focus in this e-mail should be on helping people figure out how to log into their accounts and making sure they're aware of all of the training and enablement resources they have access to.  

This e-mail should include:

  • Links to upcoming training sessions (whether hosted by you or CrowdTangle) & the CT self-paced course

  • Links to the CrowdTangle Resource Center (or your own internal help site for CT)

  • An e-mail address they can contact if they have questions


Obtaining Feedback and Enforcing the Message (2-3 weeks after launch)

Communication shouldn't end with the launch! It will take time for users to master CrowdTangle and for new skills to become habit.  The goal here is to encourage people who have not yet logged into their CrowdTangle account to do so and to remind those who have of the resources available to help them get the most out of the tool!

This e-mail should include:

  • An e-mail address they can contact if they have questions or feedback


Creative Ways to Promote CrowdTangle

E-mail isn't the only way to get people excited about CrowdTangle.  Check out some of these tips for more creative ways to augment your e-mail strategy:

Promotional booth

On launch day, set up a booth in a high-traffic area. Pass out literature about CrowdTangle and remind them to attend training.

Prizes and giveaways

Reward individuals or departments for attending training events or accomplishing some CrowdTangle-related action (like Lists or Searches)


Print postcards with information about CrowdTangle and the enablement resources you're making available to them.  Place these on desks on or before launch day.

Live Displays

Set up a Live Display for the organization and make sure it's loaded up on public monitors on launch day.  This will help give people an idea of what is waiting for them in CrowdTangle.


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