To add an existing Twitter list to your dashboard, follow these steps:

  • Make sure you are the owner or subscribed to the Twitter list you want to import.
  • Create a new list in your CrowdTangle Twitter dashboard (or go to an existing CrowdTangle list).
  • Go to the "Manage" tab within the CrowdTangle list.
  • Select "Advanced Settings."
  • Scroll down to "Import Twitter List."
  • Select the list from the drop down.
  • Select Import List.
  • Enjoy your charming new Twitter list!

Warning: As of May, 2019, some Twitter lists are blocked based on geography. We have found some lists that US users (and US servers) cannot see, but are visible outside of the US. We do not know why, as the only options for lists are Public and Private, and nothing about the list suggests that it will be blocked. But sadly, right now, there is nothing we can do to get a list that is geo-blocked. 😬😬😬

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