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It's always election season somewhere, and CrowdTangle is here to make covering those elections easier.  In this section you'll find a link to CrowdTangle's Elections Playbook, a short video with 5 tips for using CrowdTangle to cover elections, and a few strategy articles that are aimed at helping you and your team stay on top of elections coverage while monitoring its performance!

*Note: CrowdTangle no longer surfaces Twitter data.


How to Use CrowdTangle to Cover Elections

The ultimate goal of your CrowdTangle election prep is to create an election-themed Live Display for you and your team.  You will use this Live Display to give you and your team a real-time, multi-platform view of what the candidates are saying, what local and national publishers are saying about the candidates, to compare your coverage of the election to that of your competitors, and more.

The Election Live Display

Building an Election Live Display requires you to first set up CrowdTangle to:

Once you've gone through these steps, you'll be ready to create your Election Live Display!  If you aren't familiar with Live Displays, you can learn more about them here!

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