It's always election season somewhere, and CrowdTangle is here to make covering those elections easier. Below are suggestions on how to use each of our features in you election coverage. For a deeper dive, be sure to download the playbook (above).

Highlights: Use these CrowdTangle Features To Cover Elections

CrowdTangle Search: The top trend graph will show how election or candidate keywords have performed on social over time. Meme search will help with text on image posts so you'll have broader results from overall election keywords.

Lists: Set up lists for politicians, candidates, local officials, campaign staffers, political Facebook groups, political influencers and journalists. Set up a weekly digest (in our notifications section) for these lists to keep track of what everyone is saying.

Saved Search: Search as many terms as you can related to elections and country issues. Also search within lists created or conversations in public groups.

Intelligence: See who's driving more social interactions around their content. Compare candidates in races, political groups and more.

Live Displays: Create an election-themed Live Display to give your team a real-time, multi-platform view of what candidates are saying, what local and national publishers are saying about the candidates, to compare your coverage of the election to that of your competitors, and more.

The Election Live Display

Building an Election Live Display requires you to first set up CrowdTangle to:

Once you've gone through these steps, you'll be ready to create your Election Live Display!  If you aren't familiar with Live Displays, you can learn more about them here!

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