ICYMI, there's an election happening in the U.S. this week! 😉😉 On Tuesday, newsrooms all over the country will be open late, pulling together local election coverage to the smells of garlic, cheese and pepperoni thanks to the glories of election night pizza.

If there is anything we can do to help your newsroom use CrowdTangle for Midterms coverage, please let us know! We'll be available all week on our support channels for any questions you have on how to use CT to monitor the election on social. In the meantime, we've put together numerous CrowdTangle resources to help with coverage. Check 'em out below and happy voting.



Create a Custom Live Display for your local election. Here's our guide, How To Create and Edit Live Displays. And here are some ideas for what streams to pull into the display:

  • Local Journalists

  • Local News 

  • National News 

  • Local Government Agencies

  • Local Candidates 

  • Influencers + Businesses 

  • Voting Keyword Saved Searches x Local Lists 

  • Issue Keyword Saved Searched x Local Lists 

Share photos with us of CrowdTangle Live Displays up in your newsroom and we'll send you some CT swag. 

Here’s some of what we’re tracking in the Midterms Voting live display we built across FB, TW, Reddit + Instagram:

  • voter suppression, disenfranchisement, long lines, broken machine, voter fraud, electioneering, vote, voting, redistricting, voter registration, exit poll, register to vote, election day, vote.org, absentee ballot, where to vote, voters, voter guide, November 6, Nov. 6, election day, get out the vote

And then we’re using Advanced Search to sort the search terms by the following CT Lists:

  • U.S. News

  • Political Pundits

  • Midterm Candidates

  • Journalists

  • Government Agencies

  • Elected Officials

  • Colleges + College Newspapers

  • Celebs + Influencers


  • 🌮 This Miami Herald Facebook post featuring Obama and tacos was a top overperformer on FB in the last 7 days for local news posts mentioning the keywords, "vote, midterms." The story includes a former president enjoying Miami eats with diners and has embeds of social posts from bystanders, which makes it an ideal local story for Miami Herald's Facebook community. 


  • FB's Advertising Transparency and Authenticity Efforts: FB launched a report in the U.S. that provides aggregated insights about ads relating to politics and issues of national importance housed in the Ad Archive that will be refreshed on a weekly basis. Promoted News will be excluded from this report. More info available in this post.


  • 🕵️We are excited to announce that we've given Explore a makeover! Explore is a way to easily find 2,700+ pre-built lists and saved searches that exist on CT, now better tailored to your region and the topics you care about. We are constantly updating these lists to reflect what is going on in the world, and now they will auto-update everywhere when a change is made. We're also empowering Account Owners with the tools necessary to efficiently create and update custom lists that can be dynamically shared across entire accounts. For more information, check out our resource page. 

  • We've also launched new Explore lists for underrepresented communities, such as LGBTQ advocacy organizations, para-athletes, and veterans groups. 


This article from the New York Times on how tech writer Kevin Roose is spotting disinformation online during the Midterms. CrowdTangle gets a shout-out, "Recently, I’ve also been spending a lot of time on CrowdTangle, a tool that allows you to see what’s spreading rapidly across Facebook at any given moment. I have a series of dashboards set up that allow me to monitor thousands of Facebook pages on different topics and see which false claims are being shared by which people and pages."

Have a great week!

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