FAQ: General CrowdTangle Questions
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Questions Covered in This Article:

  • What is CrowdTangle used for?

  • Which content does CrowdTangle track?

  • What kind of metrics does CrowdTangle track?

  • How much does CrowdTangle cost?

  • Is there someone I can contact for CrowdTangle support?


1) What is CrowdTangle used for?

CrowdTangle can be used for a variety of things, but the core use cases are:

  • Benchmarking the performance of your social media accounts vs those of your peers

  • Studying competitive content to improve your own social media strategy

  • Discovering content to drive stories

  • Monitoring coverage of particular elections, events, talent, etc.

  • Identifying influencers

You can learn more about how other organizations use CrowdTangle in our Case Study library here, and you can learn more about how to use CrowdTangle yourself here.

2) What content does CrowdTangle track?

CrowdTangle tracks the public (non-targeted, non-gated) content from influential verified Facebook profiles [as well as available metrics in connection with such public content], Facebook Pages, Facebook Public Groups, public Instagram accounts and popular subreddits.

CrowdTangle's database automatically adds Facebook Pages with more than 110,000 likes and public Instagram accounts with over 75,000 followers (as well as all verified accounts). CrowdTangle users also have the option of adding other Pages, profiles, accounts, sub-reddits, and groups to their own Dashboard Lists, which in turn adds them to the CrowdTangle database.


3) What kind of metrics does CrowdTangle track?

CrowdTangle exclusively tracks data on public content: specifically interaction data and video views. CrowdTangle can tell you when something was posted, from which Page/account/etc it was posted, and how many interactions (likes, comments, etc) it earned at any given point in time. Likewise, it can tell you how many views a video got when it was posted directly on a Page or account and how many views it got after it was shared out by other Pages/accounts.

CrowdTangle doesn't track metrics like reach or impressions, however.  And it doesn't provide demographic information on the users who have interacted with content.  So while it can tell you a particular post has earned 1,000 likes, it can't tell you who liked it, where they were from, their age, etc.

4) How much does CrowdTangle cost?

There is no cost for using CrowdTangle, but it is only available to select Facebook publishing partners.


5) Is there someone I can contact for CrowdTangle support?

Current CrowdTangle partners can contact our support team at support@crowdtangle.com

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