Note: This article is for existing CrowdTangle users who are trying to send notifications to Slack. If you do not have access to CrowdTangle, please reach out to to request access.

How can I send my viral and referral alerts to Slack?

That's easy! Navigate to Notifications inside your dashboard then select a viral or referral alert and click "Add to Slack." This will redirect you to a Slack authorization screen where you can select the appropriate #channel to post to. If you want to change the channel at a later today, de-enable and Add to Slack button will re-appear and you can select a different #channel. 

If this is a brand new alert, you WILL NOT see the "Add to Slack" button until you click "Create & Subscribe." You can do this for an unlimited amount of viral or referral alerts. However, this integration does not support digests or leaderboard notifications. 

Please note this is a replacement for the old Slack integration which used incoming webhooks. Luckily, this is way easier to set up!

Step-by-step instructions

STEP 1: You click Add to Slack to enable the integration for this specific alert. If this is a brand new alert, you will not see the "Add to Slack" button until you click "Create & Subscribe." 

STEP 2: You are redirected to Slack to authorize the CrowdTangle app and to select the channel to post to. 

STEP 3: You are redirected back to Notifications and you can see Slack is enabled and connected to your #referral alerts Slack channel. 

STEP 4: Presto! Your referral alerts are appearing in your Slack channel! 

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