If you're here, you probably got an email from CrowdTangle that someone you know was trying to sign you up for something. This page is to help you understand what that was!

We'll break it down into a few sections for you:

  • What is CrowdTangle?

  • Why did you get this email?

  • What happens next?

What is CrowdTangle?

CrowdTangle is a tool that lets you keep track of what's happening on social media. We've heard that it's the best one! 🙃 We've been around for years, and we've been a part of Facebook since 2017. If you've never heard of us, start at crowdtangle.com to get an idea for what we we're all about.

Why did you get this email?

One of the things we do for partners is let them schedule automated emails full of content or analytics they care about. 

You're getting a verification email  because there is someone you know who thinks that you would appreciate getting emails from us (the person's name is in the email you received). And we want to be sure you want to receive these emails before we start sending them to you.

What happens next?

It's pretty simple: If you do nothing, we'll assume you do NOT want to receive these emails, and we won't send them to you. You may have to explain your reasoning to the person who wanted to send them to you, especially if you work together, but look: we're just a tool, we can't solve all your problems for you. 🤷‍♂️

If you DO want to receive the emails, click the big button in your email and you'll be in good shape!.

If you're not sure, just know that you can unsubscribe at any time via a link at the bottom of the emails you'll get. So if you want to see what they're like, go ahead and accept the invitation. If you later find out that they haven't made your life 🤩🤩🤩, you can unsubscribe at any time.


If you have questions, the best place to go is actually to the person who sent you this invitation. That person is best suited to explain to you why that email is awesome and why you, specifically, were selected to receive it.

We hope you love your new emails! ❤️

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