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How Conde Nast Uses CrowdTangle to Drive Efficiency & Results
How Conde Nast Uses CrowdTangle to Drive Efficiency & Results
Written by Tess
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Aston Hunt, former Senior Analyst on Conde Nast's Co-Lab team (he's now Associate Director of Digital Analytics at Essence), explains how he and his Conde team used CrowdTangle to drive results. 


Conde Nast is a publishing monolith. They house 17 major magazines such as Vogue, Vanity Fair, GQ, The New Yorker and a couple sub-brand pages such as Them, Epicurious, Healthyish and other small projects as well.

What's your favorite feature in CrowdTangle?

My favorite thing about CrowdTangle is the Slack integration with viral alerts. We've had brands use that constantly over time for tentpole events, and we've had major wins with that.

Anytime a brand manager wants to go in and see what's performing at something like the Royal Wedding or the 4th of July — they can easily see the alerts pop up on their feed. The best thing about it is they can jump into CrowdTangle and also share that with other brands, and look at what's happening with other competitors as well.

What feature *first* impressed you with CrowdTangle?

So me being a data analyst, the first thing I noticed was the Intelligence reports. They were able to compile all of that data from several different competitors, as well as our brands ,and show it in a very concise manner. The best part about it is all of it's fully exportable. I can't tell you how many times I've had issues with other tools where I can't export something; it takes too long to export something; they don't have all the data. With CrowdTangle I've used their exports and their UI to just show the data I need to show to my stakeholders.

What key data points are of particular interest to you?

So follower data is very important, looking at the posting cadence of not only our brands but also other competitors, as well as the engagement rate. And then also seeing the share of content that each brand is sharing. Some people have been making the shift over to video and other people have been making the shift from more posting to less posting, and CrowdTangle is able to show those trends very quickly. The other day I even discovered how one of our brands was doing against another brand based on interaction rate, and how their brand is shifting their posting cadence to really up their interaction rate, and bring that insight to the team, — which are powerful, powerful insights.

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