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Patch's Favorite CrowdTangle Trick
Patch's Favorite CrowdTangle Trick

Liana Messina, Patch's Director of Social Media, shares her CrowdTangle strategies.

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My name is Liana Messina, I am the Director of Social Media at Patch.

So Patch is a network of over 1,200 hyperlocal sites across the US specializing in neighborhood news.

One of my favorite tricks in CrowdTangle is this: We have incorporated something we call editorial scorecards, so every Monday all of our editors in the field, over 100 of them, will receive an email of a daily CrowdTangle digest of all of the Facebook Pages for the towns that they cover (their Patch Facebook Pages), so every Monday they'll see how they did for the week prior and what content worked best.

What's your favorite tool within CrowdTangle?

My favorite tool on CrowdTangle is probably the Chrome extension. So many times we'll have a story that will pop up on Chartbeat and we don't know where the traffic came from, so we'll flip that up. Or if we just want to see where a local story was shared very easily, I'll just click on the CrowdTangle Chrome extension and it's super helpful.

What feature made you first fall in love with CrowdTangle?

Probably Leaderboard. I've never seen so much data in one place. So each Patch has their own Facebook and Twitter account, so I go to the Leaderboard and I can see basically everything for all 1,200 pages: You know, interactions, for the month, for the week, for the day; our follower growth, and I've combined that in this data Excel that we keep going at Patch.

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