“My Favorites” section is visible in the side navigation accordions for Lists, Saved Searches, and Saved Posts. A list/saved search/saved post can be favorited from list header by clicking on the Star in the top right. These favorites are private, only you see them.

What happens if someone deletes your favorited list?
It will get deleted. We plan to add a disclaimer in the delete confirmation modal to inform the user that this list has been favorited by another active user.

What happens to favorited Group lists?
There is one “My Favorites” section for each accordion: Lists, Saved Searches, and Saved Posts. That means Group lists will appear in the Lists “My Favorites” section. In that case, we add a Groups icon to mark it.

What about other places that lists are surfaced, like live displays?
Currently, favorited lists won't be treated any differently, but given adoption, it makes tons of sense to feature them prominently in the the various selects that lists appear in across different surfaces.

Can you unfavorite a list?
Yes you can, by clicking the same star on any favorited list.

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