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CrowdTangle For Membership Engagement

Discover and develop your audience to begin the membership conversion

Written by Tess
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Memberships strategies are increasingly becoming a more sustainable revenue source for publishers. Media outlets have seen success with 'member-only' events, dedicated newsletters, private social groups and more. One important way to keep members engaged and reach potential new members is social media. Here's how CrowdTangle can help develop that targeted audience, and begin the membership conversion. 

Where To Begin:

Audience Discovery and Engagement

  • Find new audiences who engage with content that's in the locations you cover using Search.

  • Discover new pages and groups that also care about topics you cover. 

  • Save these pages or group results by exporting leaderboard results.

  • Think your members follow you on social? Not always. Remember to keep that current demographic in mind when adjusting your social strategy. 

Determine Metrics for Benchmarks

  • Overperforming: Use this metric as an initial stop-gap into what's performing well across your publication. 

  • Interaction Rate: Use this as a proxy for community engagement. Determine content themes and target audiences on social platforms around results.

  • Track benchmarked results of original content and sync its social performance with traffic results when possible. 

  • This is a long term analysis. Use Intelligence to track these benchmarks over time.

Case Study: Brut

  • Brut tracked their page performance by Interaction Rate.

  • They began optimizing content for high Interaction Rates and found it led to higher audience engagement, reach, video views, and new followers.

  • Results: In three months their U.S. page grew from 220k fans to 650k, from 30M Monthly video views to 135M.

  • Use this same practice to develop a loyal audience who may be interested in becoming members

Let CrowdTangle help you begin the process of finding those potential new audience members. Check out our additional resources at

Have any ideas around how to do this well? Have you found new members using CrowdTangle? Let us know! Email us:

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