We know that you have worked hard to build your lists in the Twitter dashboard, and we don't want you to lose them. You can download the usernames of Twitter accounts that you have in CrowdTangle lists and import to Twitter using Tweetdeck. Here is how you can do it.

Let's start at CrowdTangle Dashboard

1 - Go to your Twitter Dashboard in CrowdTangle and select the list you want to download. 

2 - In the list, select the Leaderboard tab and click on the download button (in the top right as shown in the picture below).

3 - You will receive an email with a link to download the excel Leaderboard. The second column will have the handle that you'll use to copy + paste into Tweetdeck.

Tip: If your excel spreadsheet seems unformatted, you can follow these steps: Select the first column (A)  >> Select "Data" (in the top menu) >> Click on "Text to Column" >> and Select the limiter (usually comma) >> and press ok. You should see a spreadsheet like the one in the picture above.

Now It's time to go to Tweetdeck

4 - Log into your Twitter account and go to TweetDeck 

5 -  Click on the "plus" sign (add a column) in the left menu bar

6 - Select "List"

7 - Select "Create a new list" in the bottom.

8 - Give a name to the list and select the privacy settings >> Then click "Save"

9 -  Click on the icon on the top (Add Multiple users)

10 - Copy and Paste Twitter handles (second column from CrowdTangle excel spreadsheet) to the field that appear. You can only copy 100 usernames per time. So, if your list has more than 100 accounts, you should copy the first 100, save, and then edit the list to copy the remaining ones. 

11 - After that you should be able to see your list on Twitter and Tweetdeck. Repeat the process with any lists you want to transfer.

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