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Gain more insights about when videos have been crossposted and shared.

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What is Posts with this video?

Posts with this video is a feature that lets you get greater insight into the history and distribution of a Facebook video by seeing anytime it’s been crossposted, posted, and shared by a Page in the CrowdTangle database. The tool surfaces each specific post it has been used in. If the same video is uploaded two different times to Facebook, we will treat them as separate videos.

How do I see 'Posts with this video?

In the post stream, at the top of every video, the word ‘Video’ is hyperlinked. Click on ‘Video’ and you’ll see a breakdown of all the other posts in our database that also feature that video. You can also click the carat dropdown on the upper right and select 'Posts with this video.'

What data will this tell me?

You’ll be able to easily see when a video was directly uploaded, crossposted, or shared by a Facebook Page or group. Often the same Page will use the same video in multiple posts over time. You’ll be able to see exactly when each post went up, its number of reactions, comments and share on that post, as well as how many video views that specific post has to date (video views only available for Pages, not groups). 

What are some use cases for this tool?

Use this feature to:

  • Gain insights into the crossposting strategies of your peers and competitors.

  • Identify who is sharing you and your competitors’ videos, and helping drive performance.

  • Get insight into specific posts when videos have been shared or posted previously. 

  • See how many times a video has been shared by Pages in our database.

  • Determine if a video is new or is part of an evergreen strategy. 

  • Analyze why certain posts with the same video performed better than others. 

  • See if it’s been shared into a group and how many interactions it has.

Why don’t the video views on the individual video posts add up to the total views on the video?

There are a few reasons! We don’t see regular user’s shares, we can’t see inside of closed or secret Facebook Groups, and/or we are simply missing that Page or public group from our database. We hope they get close to matching up, but it is likely we are missing some instances of these videos across Facebook. If the numbers look off, you can force an update to re-fetch the newest numbers by clicking the refresh button at the top. 

Is Facebook Live included?

Yes. Instead of ‘Video’ being hyperlinked at the top of the post, it will be ‘Live.’ From there you can get the same insights that tell you where and when the Facebook Live has been directly uploaded, crossposted, or shared. 

How far back does this go?

Anytime that video was posted on Facebook by a Page or group within our database, we’ll surface it. 

What is the difference between original, shared, and crossposted videos?

Original: The video was created by the page that posted it, and it was only posted to that page.

Crossposted: We do not indicate which Page was the original uploader of the crossposted video. Every instance of the post in a CSV download will be identified as "crossposted." Learn more about crossposting here.

Shared: The video was not created by the page -- it was shared to the page by clicking the Share button from the original video.

When you download a CSV of a list, videos will show up either as original, crossposted, or shared -- an original video will not show up as crossposted in other columns.

Can I get a CSV of this data?

Yes! You can download it in the upper right of the ‘Posts with this video’ screen.

Is this across both Pages and groups?

Yes, however video views from groups is unavailable.

Am I able to see this in Intelligence?

Currently, this feature is only viewed within the post stream of your dashboard. 

Can you see when a regular user has shared this video? 

Outside of public Facebook Groups, no you cannot. We have no visibility into the posts of regular users to News Feed. 

Will this tool help identify when someone is violating copyright and using my video without permission?

No, this feature doesn’t use content identification. You can check out and apply for Facebook Rights Manager to help protect your content. 

Are Public Profiles included in the results?

Currently, public profiles are not featured in the results, and it's limited to just Pages and groups. 

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