FAQ: Page Admin Country Filters

Filter post results by country in lists and search

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What are country filters?
We’ve added the ability to filter Facebook posts by the country in lists and searches. Country is determined by the location of the Page admins.

This will give you the ability to create saved searches by country, see what content is overperforming in various regions, and more.  

How can I access this?
When looking at the post stream within lists or searches, select ‘more,’ scroll down to country, and select the country you’d like to filter results by. 

How do you determine the country of a Page?
The country of a Page is determined by the location of the admins of that Page. The country that hosts the most number of Page managers is determined to be the likely location.

Where do you get the location information for Page managers?
This information is available publicly through the Page Transparency feature on Facebook that is featured on any Page with thousands of connections.  

Does this work for groups?
No. This feature is only currently available for Facebook Pages. 

Can I view this in Intelligence or Live Displays?
This feature is currently only available in lists and search. We are currently exploring adding it into other features across CrowdTangle.  

What do I do if I notice a Page is listed with the wrong country?
If it is your Page, you can update or add the location of your Page in your Facebook settings and the results will automatically update in CrowdTangle. If you suspect a Page is engaging in inauthentic behavior, you can report that Page to Facebook. If you think a Page is listed incorrectly within CrowdTangle, please let our support team know and we will look into it.  

Do all Pages have a country associated with it?
There are a small handful of Pages (fewer than 1% of all Pages in the CrowdTangle database), that do not have a country. This is likely due to Pages being too small to be part of the Page Transparency feature on Facebook.  

Does this work for other social platforms?
This feature is only available for Facebook. 

What are some use cases?
You can use this feature to:

  • Search for topics in specific countries and see how they’re resonating regionally. 

  • Build saved searches for your country and filter out international results.

  • See how global stories are being discussed in your country.

  • Understand why you’re getting outbound clicks from another country, and analyze what’s driving that performance. 

  • Spot inauthentic or suspicious behavior.

  • See how your content is resonating in other markets. 

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