We recently announced the last day you will be able to access any Twitter data within CrowdTangle is September 29. We know how important Twitter has been to everyone’s work in CrowdTangle, so we wanted to answer some questions and provide some tips and solutions to download and transition your data and lists:

What can I do to save my CrowdTangle Twitter data?

  • Download your lists from the Twitter dashboard and add to TweetDeck. Hover over your list name and select the download icon. Then you can upload to twitter via TweetDeck. 

  • Download Tweet histories using Historical Data. Don’t forget you can use Historical Data to download Tweet histories for your accounts. Note: On any day you can download a maximum of 50k tweet objects and/or user objects.

Can I still see Twitter data in the Chrome Extension?

Yes. We will continue to include Twitter results within the last 7 days via our Chrome Extension. Anyone can access CrowdTangle's Link Checker Chrome Extension, which is a publicly available tool. 

Are there other tools I can turn to to monitor Twitter data?

What will happen on September 30?

On September 30 we will remove all Twitter dashboards and Twitter data from other features. On Live Displays, any columns that only contain tweets will be deleted. For columns that included tweets along with posts from other platforms, we will simply remove the tweets, but all other platform posts will remain. 

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