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FAQ: Intelligence Follower Graphs
FAQ: Intelligence Follower Graphs
Written by Tess
Updated over a week ago

What’s new?

We’ve added three new ways to analyze and visualize follower counts in Intelligence. Under the Followers tab, rather than just see the total number of followers, you can now see how growth is fluctuating day to day, the rate at which you’re growing, and how your account has grown historically. These three new graphs will help give you a more granular view for how well your account is attracting new followers. 

How can I access this?

Open Intelligence, select Facebook or Instagram as the platform. Search for an account or multiple accounts. Select the Followers tab. Then select which metric you’d like to sort by.

What is the difference between ‘growth’ ‘growth rate’ and ‘growth %’

Growth measures the number of new followers over the time period you selected. The count always starts at 0 for the first day of the time period.

Example: Consider the growth of an IG account over the last month. Theaccount was at 100k followers a month ago, and is now at 130k. That meansthe growth over that month is 30k followers, so the graph would start at 0 and show the upward trajectory of that 30k growth over the course of the month. 

Growth Rate shows day-to-day fluctuations in followers. Each day starts at 0 and measures that day’s growth.

Example: If an account grew from 100k to 120k on Tuesday, and then from 120k to 130k on Wednesday, the Growth Rate would show a 20k growth on Tuesday, followed by a dip down to 10k on that second day. If the account were to lose followers the next day, the graph would go negative.  

Growth Percentage shows the follower percentage growth over a certain timeframe. This is particularly helpful for comparing accounts of different sizes, to see if an account is growing at a faster rate than much larger accounts.

Example: Consider an account that started at 100k followers a month ago and now has 130k; they saw a 30% Growth Percentage over that time. The graph will show the climb from 0 to 30% over that month. When compared to an IG account that went from 1 million followers to 1.1 million followers (which climbs from 0 to 10%), the graph will show the first account has a higher Growth Percentage despite acquiring fewer followers during that timeframe. 

What are some use cases?

Use this new feature to:

  • See if your account is growing slower or faster relative to past performance.

  • Identify periods of high growth and analyze what drove that result.

  • Compare yourself to peers to see how fast you’re growing relative to the competition.

  • Easily compare your growth percentage with accounts that have different sized audiences.

  • Benchmark your recent growth to understand what to measure yourself against going forward.

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