What we don’t support  😥

We don't support the following types of content:

  • Facebook/Instagram Stories. We do not track any ephemeral content.
  • Facebook Events are not currently tracked in CrowdTangle.
  • Facebook Fundraisers are not currently tracked in CrowdTangle.
  • Facebook Watch Parties.
  • Geo-gated Facebook posts. Posts that are gated to specific countries do not show up in CrowdTangle. Sports content is a common example. Often broadcast rights are negotiated region by region, or country by country. A particular Facebook page might only have rights to post a live feed of a football match in Mexico, so the posts will be geo-gated to Mexico. CrowdTangle will not be able to surface these posts.
  • Age-gated Facebook posts. This includes Branded Content posts for alcohol, tobacco, or other products that have age restrictions by law.

We don't support the following types of accounts:

  • Private Facebook Groups. A group must be public to be tracked in CrowdTangle, which means that user posts in public groups are available. Please note that "private groups" were formerly referred to as Closed or Secret.
  • Private Instagram accounts. By default, anyone can see a profile and their posts on Instagram. Users can make their account private so that only followers can see what they share. This can happen at any time and can be switched back and forth. If their account is set to private, the content will be be made unavailable. It can take up to 24 hours for a change to the private or public setting of an account to be reflected in CrowdTangle.
  • Facebook Personal Profiles. Personal profiles are generally not available in CrowdTangle. The only exceptions are profiles that are verified and have the follow button turned on -- those will be available in CrowdTangle. This is a very small subset of profiles, including Mark Zuckerberg, Reid Hoffman, politicians, and journalists. Inside the product, they are referred to as Verified Public Profiles.

Unsupported Post Metrics

CrowdTangle doesn't track the following metrics:

  • Reach
  • Impressions
  • Revenue
  • 1-min views
  • Unfollows
  • Link Clicks
  • Any demographic information (age, gender, etc.) on the post or page-level. 

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