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The Quint Uses CrowdTangle To Analyze Content and Double Traffic
The Quint Uses CrowdTangle To Analyze Content and Double Traffic
Written by Tess
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The Quint, a leading digital native news company in India, has recently seen an increase in referral traffic from Facebook. How did they do it? By using CrowdTangle to identify which types of content are overperforming and by creating more stories around those themes.

With over 16 million unique users per month, The Quint reports across multiple verticals including political news, economy, technology, automobiles, entertainment and sports among others. 

We spoke with Vaibhav Khanna, Product Manager of Quintillion Business Media at The Quint, about how they leverage CrowdTangle.


What has been a big win for The Quint after using CrowdTangle?

Entertainment news has been a major focus area of our editorial team. We do a mix of wire stories and exclusives. We were of the firm opinion that traffic from Facebook for the section can be improved considerably. We analysed the overperforming and underperforming stories in the section in the past 90 days. 

We identified key content themes which were over-performing and isolated the under-performing themes. We focused on the overperforming content themes and since then we have seen a 130% increase in traffic from Facebook. 

On the basis of insights from CrowdTangle we have created a Facebook group for our film reviews and while it’s early days, we expect incremental interactions from it. We have been able to smartly use data to add efficiency to our editorial process. We now plan to extend the methodology to our other sections within the platform.



How has the Quint been using CrowdTangle insights?

We have been using CrowdTangle for over 2 years primarily for competitive tracking, but only recently we started using it for content analysis. The tool is being used across the organisation from editorial, business analytics, marketing, product and sales teams. CT has become the glue which is bringing our Facebook and Instagram strategy together.


What's one tip you have for news publishers when they use CrowdTangle?

 As a news publisher, it's very important to benchmark your Facebook posts and strategy with competitors to understand what kind of content is driving interactions and shareability on your Page and across the industry. Also, CrowdTangle’s Live Display should be a part of every newsroom to track real-time trends.


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