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CrowdTangle x Investigation Resources
CrowdTangle x Investigation Resources

We're working with fact-checkers & investigators around the world to aid their work. Here are tools and tips to using CrowdTangle.

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Note: These resources will be updated regularly.

Watch Trainings:

  • How AFP and Politifact Use CrowdTangle For Fact Checking (webinar). Watch here

  • CrowdTangle Hacks When Hunting Misinformation. Watch here. 

  • How to use CrowdTangle's Country and Language Filters to Zero-In on Locations. Watch here.

  • How Buzzfeed's Craig Silverman uses CrowdTangle in Investigations — the 15m Master Class. Watch here.

  • How the BBC Uses CrowdTangle on the misinformation beat. Watch here.

Read Case Studies:

  • Politifact's use of CrowdTangle to investigate “Pants on Fire” misinformation on the web. Read here.

  • Buzzfeed’s Craig Silverman Explains How He Uses CrowdTangle to Uncover Misinfo. Read here.

  • Agence France-Presse's Strategy For Using CrowdTangle Search and Meme Search to Report Misinformation. Read here.

  • How German News Outlet Deutsche Presse-Agentur Uses CrowdTangle to Spot Misinformation. Read here.

  • How VERA Files Uses CrowdTangle Search and Meme Search to Find Disinformation. Read here.

  • Story Ideas for Journalists Using CrowdTangle data. Read here.

Must-Have Resources:

  • How to Fan Out for Content Across Facebook and Instagram using CrowdTangle. Read here.

  • How to use CrowdTangle Search. Read here.

  • Search Cheat Sheet for Investigators: 

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