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Singapore General Elections 2020 Live Display
Singapore General Elections 2020 Live Display
Written by Tess
Updated over a week ago

We want to make it easy for CrowdTangle partners in Singapore to stay on top of stories around General Elections 2020 so we built a public Live Display, with real-time streams of election-related posts from public Pages.

This Live Display features post streams sorted by relevant keywords and public Pages and includes the following:

Column 1: Posts with election-related keywords filtered by public Pages of media organizations in Singapore

Column 2: Posts from public Pages of political parties in Singapore

Column 3: Posts from candidates’ public Pages and verified profiles

Column 4: Facebook Live posts from media organizations, political parties and candidates

Election keywords include the following: election, elections, vote, votes, voting, poll, polls, polling, candidate, candidates, parliament, #GE2020, nomination day

You can learn more about what data CrowdTangle tracks here and you can check this citation guide if you plan to cite CrowdTangle data in a story.

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