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Chile 2020 Elections Live Display
Chile 2020 Elections Live Display
Written by Tess
Updated over a week ago

Follow how the upcoming elections in Latin America are being discussed on Facebook Pages, public groups and Instagram accounts with our LATAM Election Live Displays.

CrowdTangle exclusively tracks publicly available content. CrowdTangle does not track private content or private instagram accounts or individual Facebook profiles. Learn more about us and what data we track.

To follow how the upcoming elections in Chile are being discussed across Pages, public groups, and Instagram accounts, we built a 2020 Chile Election Live Display.

This Live Display features post streams sorted by relevant keywords, Pages, public groups, and Instagram accounts and includes the following:

Column 1: Posts with election-related keywords filtered by public Pages of media organizations in Chile.

Column 2: Posts from public Pages of political parties in Chile.

Column 3: Posts from politicians public Pages and verified profiles

Column 4: Facebook Live posts from media organizations, political parties and politicians

Election keywords include the following: registro, derecho a votar, largas lineas, elecciones, elección, vota, voto, 25 de octubre, Octubre 25, referéndum, plebiscito, constitución, constituyente, Carta Magna, Servicio Electoral, Servel, facilitador electoral, votante, votantes, votar, voto, vota, #Plebiscito2020, #EligeElPaísQueQuieres

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