FAQ: My Saved Searches

How to save a search in CrowdTangle Search.

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What is ‘My Saved Searches’?

My Saved Searches allows you to save and keep track of multiple searches in CrowdTangle Search in one place. This makes it easy for you to return to the same searches again and again without rebuilding them from scratch.

How do I save a search?

In CrowdTangle Search:

  1. Modify your filters, put in your keywords, and hit enter to get your results.

  2. Select the save icon on the upper right of the screen.

  3. Give your search a name and add a description if you like.

  4. Click on the search under My Saved Searches to return to it whenever you want!

Can I share my saved search with my team?

Yes. You can hit ‘share’ and send the url of your search to any CrowdTangle user. However, if you update your search after sharing, those changes will not be reflected in the link you sent.

Will other team members be able to see my saved searches?

Your saved searches are visible only to you.

When I save a search, will it save the results on that day/time, or will the results refresh each time I log in?

The results will automatically be updated every time you click on them.

Can I import my previous saved searches from the dashboard?

You’ll have to recreate your searches in order to save them, however your previous saved searches in your dashboard aren’t going away. You can still access those from the dashboard.

Can I edit an existing saved search?

Yes. When you open your search and change your results you can go to the top of your screen and hit save again to update your filters and keywords.

If you click on the three dots to the right of your saved search you can edit the name and description or delete your search.

How is this different from the Saved Search feature in my dashboard? Can I still use that?

You can still use the Saved Search feature from your dashboard. This new feature simply streamlines many of those same functions in Search.

Can I use these searches in Live Displays?

Right now these saved searches exist only in Search. In order to import a search to a Live Display, you’ll have to build that in the dashboard.

Can I create notifications from these searches?

Right now the only way to build notifications from your searches is from the dashboard.

Can I see the Leaderboard of my search?

Right now you can’t see leaderboards within Search. Use your dashboard to view leaderboards from a search.

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