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What is the Page Category filter?

You can filter all your search results to show posts from Facebook Pages that are categorized around specific topics and industries. You can choose to include or exclude Pages in your searches by selecting from 2,500+ categories that Page admins have self-identified as being relevant to their page. Categories include everything from sports, bands and news/media to Japanese restaurants, art galleries and comedians. See the full list of categories here.

How are Page Categories determined?

Page categories are self-determined by the admins of the Facebook Page.

Is this available on Instagram?

No, selecting Page Category is only available as a filter for Facebook Pages right now.

I’m seeing a Page in a category that it shouldn’t belong to. Why is that?

Categories are self selected by the Page admins and aren’t verified by a third party. Because they are up to the Page admin, there’s a chance they may be incorrect.

Is this available in the API?

Yes. Page Categories are available in the /posts/search endpoint only. Write each category in all caps with underscores between each word. E.g.. Japanese Restaurant is JAPANESE_RESTAURANT, or a food delivery service is FOOD_DELIVERY_SERVICE. View the parameter details here.

Can I see Page Categories in a .CSV?

Yes, they are included in your .CSV download. Note that we recently added new categories to our CSVs and old fields may have shifted as a result. If you're using macros, you may need to make adjustments.

What categories are included?

You can see the full list of categories here.

Can I choose to both include some categories and exclude other categories in the same search?

Currently, you can’t do a search that both includes some categories and excludes others in the same search.

Can I see Page Category when I hover over a Page to see more information?

Yes. It’s now included whenever you hover over a Page. In addition to Page Category you can see such information as when the Page was created, where its admins are located, if the Page changed its name, how many followers it has and more.

Can one Page show up in multiple categories?

No, a category will only appear in the category of its primary designation, even if it’s a subcategory of a larger category. For example, if a Page is labeled as a Dairy Farm, it will not also appear in a search for Farms or Agriculture. Only a Page specifically labeled as Farm or Agriculture will appear.

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