If you want to add hundreds or even thousands of accounts to a CrowdTangle list and you're terrified of manually searching for each account or page this guide may be for you.  The Batch Upload system takes a CSV file with an account/page name or link along with a list to import into and will attempt to load that exact account for you.

1) Make sure the lists you want to add to exist.  If not create them.

2) Navigate to Batch Upload:

3) Download the template, or create a CSV with the same headers

4) Add your data and upload it!  That's generally it.  You'll get a progress bar that you can watch, or you can just wait for the email that tells you it's complete.  The email will also detail any errors in case you want to make changes and upload the errors again.


  1. Each dashboard is limited to 10,000 uploaded items, if you need more reach out to us in support.  Let us know why you're uploading so many items and we'll extend your limit.
  2. Batch Uploading is a shared pool among all users, sometimes it may take a little longer to complete if there are thousands of items ahead of you.
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