"Retweet" means multiple things, so for clarity we'll separate the meanings into two buckets:

  1. Interactions on your original tweet. You post a tweet, someone else retweets it, your original tweet now has one retweet.
  2. Retweets that you create of original tweets by other accounts. You retweet someone else's tweet, and the retweet now shows in your timeline.

TL;DR: #1 is in CrowdTangle, #2 is not.

For tweets, to calculate interactions, we measure likes and retweets on tweets. So retweets are counted there. (#1)

When we pull tweets from an account, we only pull original tweets; we don't pull tweets by other accounts that this account has retweeted. (#2)

So for example, if @crowdtangle tweets about a new feature that we're launching and @facebook retweets it, that tweet's retweet count goes up by one (#1). If you were to check @facebook and try to see that tweet, it would appear on the timeline, but would not get brought into CrowdTangle (#2).

The reason for #2 is that retweets are not really treated as separate tweets via Twitter's API, and the interactions on the original apply to all retweets. So if @crowdtangle were to retweet the most popular tweet of all time, it would appear that our tweet has millions of likes after just a couple seconds, destroying streams and leaderboards. As a result, we only bring original posts into CrowdTangle.

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