CrowdTangle allows you to track the public posts from verified Facebook profiles in the same way you can with Facebook Pages.  You can access information about their content in our dashboards, Leaderboards, Live Displays, Intelligence, and historical data.  Publishers can use this to track their talent, players, and journalists. 

In order for a verified Facebook profile to be searchable within CrowdTangle, that profile's privacy option must be set up to allow anyone to Follow them.  Private profiles cannot be added to the CrowdTangle database.  Verified Facebook profiles can be added to Lists via the "Add Pages" search bar under the "Manage" tab for any List in your Facebook dashboards.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: How do I add verified profiles?
A: You can either select “Create New” under Lists and search for verified profiles to add or batch upload csv files (under the gear dropdown on the top right.)

Q: Can we track profiles that are not verified?

A: No, just verified, public profiles (“public” means that they allow anyone to follow them).

Q: I'm adding new profiles and it looks like there's data missing
A: When you add a new profile to our system we'll start collecting data on it right then, so posts will come in soon. We are able to go back an collect posts and interactions, but not follower counts.

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