This article unfortunately starts with some bad news. There's nothing we can change about CrowdTangle or Safari to make this work perfectly. However, there are workarounds! If you click on a download link and see something that looks like this, there are a couple options:

Option 1: Use Chrome or Firefox. Both of these browsers handle these downloads as you'd expect. It's kind of frustrating, but that's the easiest way to go.

Option 2: What you're looking at is actually the data! And you can drop it right into excel. Here are the steps:

First copy everything in the browser window.

Then open a new workbook and paste it right in A1

Next, navigate to Data, then "Text To Columns." Choose "delimited" and click "next".

You'll then see options for delimiters. Make sure you select "Comma." Then click "next."

Finally, you can choose the data format. Feel free to leave it at general. Click finish.

That's it! You're done. You should see a properly formatted excel worksheet. The data is yours to crunch.

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