If you are an API user, you may have noticed that we appear to return all the fields we have in our system for many platforms, but not for Twitter. You are correct.

Every platform has specific policies that developers (like CrowdTangle) must follow, including rules about what you can show, how to show it, and importantly, how you can redistribute it.

Twitter's Developer Policy includes a section about redistribution (#2), and it means that via the API, we are only allowed us to send back the Tweet ID or User ID. If there are fields that we calculated (e.g. our overperforming score), we can send those back. But anything related to the tweet or users will not be present in the API.

So what can you do?

There a couple options:

  1. Create a Twitter developer account, take the information we give you, and make calls to Twitter to get the data about the post or user in question. This is the only way to build it into your automated pipeline.
  2. There is a carveout in the Developer Policy for non-automated exports, so if you have a specific set of posts you want to download, you will likely be able to do so via our dashboards (not the API). There are limitations, however, so please refer to 2a in the "Be a Good Partner" section for details.
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