CrowdTangle x Local News: 101 Training

In this training we cover the CrowdTangle basics tailored to Local News use cases –Lists, Saved Searches, Chrome Extension, Notifications and Live Displays

CrowdTangle x Local News: 202 Training
In this training, we cover advanced features, including an overview of Intelligence, Historical Data, Live Displays, Weights and Notifications.

CrowdTangle x Local News: Notifications for Local News
In this training, we cover best practices and examples for setting up Notifications for local newsrooms. We provide pro-tips and show how to set up Slack alerts.

CrowdTangle x Local News: Video Views 

CrowdTangle x Local News: CrowdTangle for Instagram, Reddit & Twitter
In this training, we highlight how Video Views have been integrated throughout CrowdTangle for Facebook and Instagram. We provide specific use cases for how local newsrooms can use the new data. 

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