Branded content is a type of Facebook post that features a third party product, brand, or sponsor ("marketer"). CrowdTangle only surfaces branded content that is both non-targeted and public.  Additionally, branded content by age-gated pages (e.g. alcohol or tobacco brands) will not be tagged in CrowdTangle. Learn more about branded content here.

CrowdTangle can be used to surface branded content and also to identify potential cross-posting partners.

Identifying Branded Content: 

Branded Content posts are specific to Facebook and can be identified by the word "with" after the name of the page.  This also identifies the cross-posting partner:


Pro Tip: Clicking on the cross-posting page name after the word "with" will perform a reverse search for all of that page's branded content.

Discovering Branded Content

Branded content is a filter for both Lists and Saved Searches found under the "More" drop down menu in Facebook Dashboards

Branded Content Leaderboards

Leaderboards can be set to analyze the performance of branded content from the Pages in a List or Saved Search.  The option to create a Branded Content leaderboard is found under the "All Posts" drop down menu:

Pro Tip:  To identify potential cross-posting partners, create a Saved Search in a Facebook Dashboard that Searches for your publication's base URL.  This will identify any of your posts that have been shared by other Pages being tracked by CrowdTangle.  You can then create a Branded Content Leaderboard to identify the most successful publishers who are sharing your content.

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