2018 Mid-Year Review

We're six months into 2018, and there's a LOT to celebrate: thousands of new partners, the new members we've welcomed onto our team, and -- of course -- bacon.
But the thing we most want to celebrate today is YOU.  

Every day, through countless emails, meetings, on-site events, and support tickets you provide us with an endless bounty of feature requests, feedback, and encouragement. Everything that we do is a direct result of these amazing interactions: we are what we are today because of you.
So we thought we would take a moment to recap the amazing things CrowdTangle has released this year -- every single one of which was inspired by you!


  • Enhanced PDF export
  • Reaction-type breakdowns
  • Date comparisons
  • Intelligence for Lists (YASS!)


  • Branded Content Leaderboards
  • Interaction Data Breakdowns on Hover
  • Comment/Share/Reaction-type Leaderboards

Dashboard Management:

  • View Outstanding Pending Requests
  • Archived Dashboards

User Experience:

  • New Top-Level Navigation to Bring Live Displays and Intelligence Out of Hiding


  • Facebook Verified Profiles Become Trackable
  • Enabled View Count for IG and FB via the CrowdTangle API


  • Over 100 New and Updated Lists in Explore
  • Managing News Feed Changes Webinar Series and Playbook
  • Eight New Short Video Tutorials
  • Dozens of New Case Studies
  • New CrowdTangle Account Administration Course
  • Added Sneak Peek into the CT Roadmap Sessions with Brandon Silverman
  • Public Live Displays for Numerous Elections, World Cup, Academy Awards, and More!
  • Public Leaderboards for Music and Sports
  • Revamped "Getting Started with CrowdTangle" Course

As always, the CrowdTangle team is grateful for all of the times you have shared your struggles and wisdom with us.  We've built this amazing tool together, and we can't wait to see where the future takes us!

All the best,
The CrowdTangle Team

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