Local newsrooms have unique needs and challenges and we know that what might work for a sports league or national publisher in our product may not always translate to a local newsroom. Based on feedback from a number of our local news partners, we've made some adjustments to CrowdTangle that will make our product even more useful in local newsrooms.

Now, when you log into CrowdTangle as a member of one of our local news partners, things might look a little different.

Here's an overview of some of the new features: 

1. A more local-centric Explore section: our Explore section hosts hundreds of Lists on everything from politicians to museums to German news. Local news needs to be able to get to the “local” part a little faster and easier. So, we've made our Explore section more local-friendly by adding more local lists, including First Responders by state, Colleges and Universities by state and Animal Shelters and Rescues by state. We also moved the local lists to the front of the Explore section, so you don't have to look hard to find them. 

2. A local-news specific Support center with searchable resources: Looking for local-specific case studies or best practices on how to roll out CrowdTangle to your newsroom? Now you'll be automatically re-directed to a new Support center packed with best practices, videos, case studies and other resources just for local news.

3. New product tweaks to make it easier to see how you're doing in market or in your organization with news-specific language: We've now added a few product updates that will be turned on for all local news rooms. 

These include:

✦  A new “overnight” email setting for content and leaderboards.

✦  Leaderboards in emails and live displays that remove Interaction Rate and replace it with our Share of Voice metric. Share of Voice is the percentage of Total Interactions that belongs to a page or account in a List. The page is then ranked in email and Live Display Leaderboards based on its Share of Voice. This feature can be turned on and off by dashboard admins.

✦  The ability to toggle certain features (such as the graph in leaderboards) on and off depending on the metrics that are important to your newsroom. 

We hope these changes will make for an even better experience for our local news partners!

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