What are Lists?

Lists are collections of specific Pages, Groups, accounts, or subreddits.  Once a list has been set up, you can use it to surface content or perform analytics in CrowdTangle.

Why Would I Use Lists?

  • If you wanted to track content from your industry
  • If you wanted to compare your performance to that of your competitors
  • If you wanted to be notified when certain content is performing well or poorly


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How Do I Use Lists?

Creating a List
Lists can added to your dashboard in four ways:

  • Via the Explore section
  • Creating a custom List
  • Batch upload
  • Importing Lists

The Explore Section

Each dashboard has an Explore section with dozens of Lists that have been created by the CrowdTangle team or by your Account Owners.  Some Lists are event-specific, others are regional or topical.  The lists differ depending on the platform your dashboard is set to.  Once you find a list you want to use, you can click on Add- which will copy the list to your own lists:

The Explore Section will tell you how many Pages/accounts/Subreddits are in the List and when it was last updated.  Once the List has been added to your own Lists, you can then click on its name on the left-side of your screen and see or modify the Pages/accounts/Subreddits in it by clicking on the "Manage" tab.  Explore Lists you have bookmarked are also automatically updated whenever the Explore List is updated by CrowdTangle.

Learn more about the Explore Section here

From there you can use the View Pages/Accounts section to see which Pages/accounts are already in the List or to remove specific ones from the List.  You can also add additional Pages/accounts to the List to customize it to your needs.

Create a Custom List

You create an entirely custom list by clicking on "Create List" under the List section of the side navigation bar.

From there, you will be taken to the Add Pages/accounts/subreddits search bar.  This search bar searches the platform that your dashboard is set to (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or Reddit), not the CrowdTangle database.  If you add a Page/account/subreddit that CrowdTangle wasn't previously tracking to one of your Lists, it will be permanently added to the CrowdTangle database for everyone.  You can add as many Pages/accounts/subreddits as you'd like to your List.  Each time you add one, CrowdTangle will recommend other similar Pages/accounts/subreddits as well.

Account Owners have the ability to publish Lists created in their Account's Dashboards to the Explore Section under Manage ---> Advanced Settings.  These Lists will be made available to everyone in the Account in the Explore Section, Intelligence Graphs, and Saved Searches.

Tip: In order to pull up a Page, account, or subreddit on an Intelligence graph it must be included in at least one list in one of the dashboards you have access to

Batch Upload

You can also add Pages/accounts/subreddits to existing lists in batches, as opposed to one at a time.  To do this, click on the gear icon on the upper right hand corner of CrowdTangle:

From there, you can download a template .csv file with two columns: one for the name of the List you are adding to and one with the Page/account/subreddit you are adding.  After you have filled out the form, save it, and upload it to CrowdTangle.  While the batch upload process is usually very fast, large .csv files can take up to a few hours to complete.

Importing Lists

Lists can also be imported from other dashboards you have access to.  To import a List from another one of your dashboards, start by going to your All Pages List- which will be at the top of your Lists:

From there, click on the "Manage" tab, and then select "Import List".  You'll be able to choose a list from any of your dashboards to either import as a new list or to add to an existing list in your current dashboard.

Posts Tab
The Posts Tab will allow you to surface content from the sources in your LIst and analyze their performance.  Click here to learn more.

Leaderboard Tab
The Leaderboard Tab allows you to rank the performance of each Page, Group, account, or subreddit in the List.  Click here to learn more.

Notifications Tab:

The Notifications Tab allows you to create different types of e-mail and/or Slack notifications based on the List.  Click here to learn more.


Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: What kind of Lists should I make?

A: At minimum, most Partners will create a List of their own Pages/accounts/subreddits and a separate List of their content and their competitors as well.  Here are some other Lists you can make:

  • Local News: Make Lists of the Pages/accounts of local politicians, schools, sports teams, hospitals, police stations, and fire departments to stay on top of your beat.  Consider making Lists of local-themed subreddits as well to catch stories that haven't hit the press yet.
  • Music/Entertainment: Make Lists of the Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram accounts of your talent to stay on top of their messaging.  Consider making Lists of the accounts of nominees, make up artists, and other influencers for awards shows.
  • National/International News: Make Lists of the accounts and Pages from powerful politicians and political parties, investment publications, renowned science journals, etc to stay on top of what's breaking.
  • Sports: Make Lists of the Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram accounts of your talent and team to keep track of what they're telling the world.  Before games, make a new List for the opposing team as well.

Q:  What happens if I accidentally delete a List?

A: Contact support@crowdtangle.com as soon as possible.  We may be able to restore it for you.

Q: If I delete a List, does it delete it for everyone?

A: If you delete a List from a dashboard, it will be gone for everyone else who has access to that dashboard as well.

Q: Can I have a List that mixes Twitter accounts, Facebook Pages, and Instagram accounts?

A: At this time, no.  But you can create cross-platform post columns in a Live Display that can combine that information for you.  Read here for more information.

Q: Can I import Lists from Twitter or Instagram into CrowdTangle?

A: Yes! You can import any Twitter list into your CrowdTangle dashboard, and the same with the accounts you follow on Instagram. Click here for step-by-step instructions!

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