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Posts Tab

The "Posts" tab in your List or Search allows you to surface content specifically from those Pages/accounts/subreddits

You can use the filters at the top to prioritize certain content depending on a variety of factors, including performance, time of posting, post type, language, and verification status, and followers/likes.



  • Overperforming:  This will prioritize content that is performing better than the average post of that type, from that Page/account/subreddit, at that point in time.  

  • Underperforming: Similar to overperforming, this will prioritize content that is performing worse than the average post of that type, from that Page/account/subreddit, at that point in time.

  • Total Interactions:  This will prioritize content that has the highest number of interactions first- regardless of the size of the Page/account/subreddit

  • Interaction Rate: Interaction rates for posts represent the percentage of the Page's Likes, Group's members, Account's followers, and subreddits's subscribers who have interacted with that post in some way.  This option will prioritize content with the highest interaction rates first.

  • Most Recent:  This option will surface content that was posted most recently, regardless of its interactions or performance.



You can choose from a variety of pre-set times or set a custom time frame yourself.

Post Type:

The post types will differ depending on the type of dashboard you are in.  

  • Facebook: Photos, Links, Statuses, All Videos, Facebook Videos, Facebook Live, Youtube Videos

  • Instagram: Photos, Videos, Albums

  • Reddit: Photos, Links, Statuses, Videos



The options in the "More" drop down also differ depending on the type of dashboard you are in.

  • Facebook: Breaking News, Branded Content, Verified Pages, Minimum Page Likes, Language Filter, Video Length

  • Instagram: Verified Accounts, Minimum Followers, Language Filter

  • Reddit: Minimum Subscribers, Language Filter

Note: Language Filter will attempt to detect the language in the posts and surface only those that match the selected language

Other Options:

  • Refresh: This will refresh the post stream

  • Save:  This will save your filter settings for that List so you don't have to reset them every time

  • Export: CrowdTangle will e-mail you a .csv file with data on all of the posts in that List's post stream

Post Options:

On the upper-right side of each Post in the Posts tab, there are additional options depending on the platform the dashboard is associated with.  Subreddits will have an option to pull the embed code of the post so you can embed it into an email or on a website.  Instagram posts will allow you to see the original Post in Instagram.

Facebook offers several more options:

  • Go to Post: This will take you to the original Post in Facebook

  • Visit In Intelligence: This will load the Page directly into an Intelligence graph for you

  • Page Settings: This will allow you to see which Lists this Page belongs to, weight it more heavily (making it more likely its posts will show up in your post stream), or remove the Page from all of your Lists at once

  • Download CSV: This will download a file with the data for that specific post. Note that we can only track this data once the Page/Group has been added to CrowdTangle -- we can't track post growth historically.

  • Save Post:  This will add the Post to your "Saved Posts" section on the left navigation bar

  • Embed Code:  This will pull the embed code of the Post, allowing you to embed it into an email or website

  • Send to Team: This will allow you to email the Post to any email address you choose

  • Similar Posts: This option will attempt to locate Posts with similar content

  • Update Post: This option will sync the Post with its platform to pull in any changes that have been made

  • Debug Post: This option will let you see the source code for the Post itself

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