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Account Administration: Account Management Overview
Account Administration: Account Management Overview
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Account Management Overview:

We recognize that managing your organization's CrowdTangle Account is an important- and sometimes daunting- responsibility, and so we have built out several resources and tools to help make your job easier!

This article will help you understand how Accounts are organized in CrowdTangle and will introduce you to a variety of resources to help prepare you for the roll-out!

CrowdTangle Accounts: High Level View

You can think of your CrowdTangle Account as having three basic layers: the top Account layer, the Team layer, and the Dashboard layer:

The Account Owners have Account-level access in CrowdTangle: which means that they can see (and manage) all of the Teams, Users, and Dashboards associated with that Account.  Likewise, any User added at the Account level (through Account Settings) can be given automatic access to every Dashboard associated with the Account.

Teams are clusters of users who need the same access to the same Dashboards.  Dashboard Users can be promoted to Team Owners- which gives them the ability to decide which Dashboards are associated with the Team and which users are a part of it.  You can learn more about Teams here.  Users who are added at the Team level have access to the Dashboards associated with that Team (but nothing more).  

Dashboards are CrowdTangle's workspaces.  Each of them is tied to a specific platform (Facebook, Instagram or Reddit), and they are the places where users do their CrowdTangle work.  Users can be given access to specific Dashboards from inside of those Dashboards.


Setting CrowdTangle Up

Read through the following articles (in order) for information on setting CrowdTangle up for your organization:


Launching (or Re-Launching) CrowdTangle To Your Team

These resources will help you deploy CrowdTangle to your organization successfully.  A little work up front can greatly improve adoption and reduce the amount of time you spend having to answer questions!  Read through each of these (in order):


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