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Account Administration: CrowdTangle Training Resources For Your Team
Account Administration: CrowdTangle Training Resources For Your Team
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CrowdTangle Training for Your Team

Below is a breakdown of some of the resources available to you;

CrowdTangle Resources

  • Getting Started with CrowdTangle:  This is the flagship introductory class aimed at a broad audience.  It covers Lists, Saved Searches, Leaderboards, Post Performance, and Notifications and lasts approximately 45 minutes.  It is taught 4-5 times a month.

  • Analytics Fundamentals: This is an introductory course that focuses exclusively on the analytic tools in CrowdTangle: Post Performance, Leaderboards, and Intelligence.  It lasts approximately 45 minutes and is taught 1-2 times a month.

Self-Paced Classes:

Facebook Blueprint hosts a self-paced CrowdTangle basics course: Content Discovery and Social Monitoring with CrowdTangle.  

The course covers every feature in CrowdTangle and can be taken at any time.  It is also translated into 14 different languages.  Learners will be asked to answer a few questions at the end to earn credit for completion, and a certificate will be awarded once they are finished.  The total time for training is approximately 45-60 minutes.

Train-The-Trainer Materials

CrowdTangle has several resources available if you would like to hold your own training sessions for your team.  Below are decks for three classes.  Each deck has a set of notes attached to each slide that will walk you through that slide and will offer tips for customizing the class to fit your audience's needs.  You'll also find a few instructor best practice tips scattered throughout each class.

Note: be sure to download the decks so you can see the presenter notes.  (Also some fonts render oddly in the deck previews)

Getting Started with CrowdTangle: This is our CrowdTangle basics course.  The deck comes with notes on how to customize the scenarios and demos to fit your audience.  It covers Lists, Saved Searches, Notifications, Leaderboards, and Post Analytics.
You can download Keynote & Powerpoint versions.

Analytics Fundamentals: This is another introductory or refresher course that focuses primary on the analytics tools of CrowdTangle: Intelligence, Leaderboards, and Post Analytics.  
You can download Keynote & Powerpoint versions.

CrowdTangle for Events or Elections: This template class walks your learners through the process of leveraging CrowdTangle's Live Displays to cover events and allows you to easily tailor to the event of your choice.  It covers Live Displays, Lists, Saved Searches, Leaderboards, and Notifications (optional).
You can download Keynote & Powerpoint versions.


Resource Videos:

CrowdTangle offers several short, tutorial videos that you can either link your team to or which can be embedded on your own internal help site.  

Below is a list of the videos as well as links to the articles they're found in:

You can also embed these videos on your own internal wiki/website or in your own emails to your CrowdTangle users.  All you need to do is to insert the HTML embed codes for the videos into the page/email.  You can find the embed codes for each of the above videos here.

Case Studies:

CrowdTangle publishes dozens of Case Studies highlighting how other organizations are making use of CrowdTanlge.  These can be incredibly powerful tools early on as you work to educate your users on how they can get the most out of the tool.

Below you'll find a chart that breaks down most of the Case Studies we've published by their vertical and the features they discuss.  Use this Chart to hone in on specific Case Studies that are likely to be relevant to your users!

Note: You can find the Case Studies in this section of the Resource Center



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