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Monetizing: Boosting Your Ads & Sales Strategy
Monetizing: Boosting Your Ads & Sales Strategy
Written by Tess
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What Is This?

This is a part of the Monetization Strategy series. Click to read more tips and tricks.

What Will I Learn?

  • 🚀 How to identify content to boost and cross-promote 

  • 🤑 How to prepare sales teams for meetings with clients and prospects

  • 🤔 How other organizations used CrowdTangle in their ads strategies and with their sales teams.

How Do I Boost My Ads & Sales Strategy?

You can use CT to help you quickly find strong content to boost or cross-promote in real time.

Step 1:  Create a List in your Facebook and Instagram that includes only your own Pages or Accounts.  

Step 2: Create a Viral Alert for each of those Lists and set the threshold high enough to help you identify strong content but low enough that you catch a post while it's still taking off.    For many publishers that's going to be around 10-15x.  


Step 3 (optional):
 If your team uses Slack, set up a Slack channel that you've invited your Sales & Marketing teams into so they can see the content come in live.  

Step 4 (optional): Create a Sales & Marketing Live Display with a column for each of your "My Content" lists from Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.  Set the post columns to "Hot"- which first identifies content that has begun to overperform and then sorts the posts based on how recently they were posted.  Loading this Live Display up on a public monitor gives your team one place they can watch to monitor all three platforms for content that may be worth boosting or cross-posting.

Case Study 


What they did ...

  • BILD identifies overperforming stories on their smaller vertical pages.

  • Cross-posting these overperforming posts to BILD's bigger pages has netted huge success for them.

  • One overperforming local story gathered 20,000 clicks through this process. 

  • This shows how you can use CT to optimize you ad and promotion strategies on Facebook. 


Using CrowdTangle to Arm Your Sales Team Before Meetings with Clients and Prospects

You can also use CrowdTangle to equip your Sales team with critical data to inform their strategy and impress clients and prospects:

Step 1:
Create a set of Dashboards for the Sales team and (optionally) assign them to a Sales Team in CrowdTangle.

Step 2: Have each member of the Sales team create two Lists- one for their clients and one for prospects- in each Dashboard.  i.e. Jocelyn Hernandez- Clients; Jocelyn Hernandez- Prospects.  Add the Client/Prospect Pages/Accounts to those Lists.


Step 3: Have them set their Post stream filters to Overperforming to identify content that's doing especially well before meetings with clients and prospects.  Consider creating Saved Post Lists for specific clients/prospects to collect and share examples of their best performing content over the past month/quarter/year.  

Pro Tip: Do the same thing with Underperforming content to give them an idea of what's working and what isn't.

Step 4: Before each Client/Prospect meeting, load up their Pages/Accounts into an Intelligence graph to track their content performance.  You can export the graphs as PDFs and add them to your slide deck- giving you professional looking graphs and data with minimal effort.


Step 5: Set up a Digest to give you the top overperforming and underperforming posts from your client and prospect Lists every week- to help prepare you for any upcoming meetings.  

Pro Tip: You can also create a List for each specific Client or Prospect and tie a Digest to it.  Then add your point of contact with them to the Digest as an extra service you provide them.  Set yourself apart from the competition!  (People without CrowdTangle access can be added to CrowdTangle notifications)


Case Study

TownSquare Media

What they did ...

  • Townsquare rolled out CrowdTangle across their Ignite sales team (the company's in-house agency) to track client and prospective client content performance on social media.

  • Sales leadership made it mandatory for Account Executives to run an Intelligence Report before going out on any sales call to pull data on the client's performance as well as their top competitors.

  • In just six weeks since adopting CrowdTangle, Townsquare Media has seen a revenue increase of more then $175k.

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