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Monetizing: Boosting Your Subscription & Audience Development Strategies
Monetizing: Boosting Your Subscription & Audience Development Strategies
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What Is This?

This is a part of the Monetization Strategy series. Click to read more tips and tricks.

What Will I Learn?

  • 🌪️ How to widen your audience funnel

  • 🎯 How to strategically identify Facebook Groups

  • 💡 How other media do this — case studies from other organizations use CrowdTangle to enhance and widen their audience

How Do I Boost My Subscription and Audience Development Strategies?


Widening Your Funnel:

Step 1: Be sure you have a "My Content" List in your Facebook and Instagram dashboards that includes only your own Pages/Accounts.

Step 2: Create a Saved Post List called  "Examples of High Interaction Rates" and another called "Examples of Low Interaction Rates".

Tip: Pages and Accounts with high interaction rates tend to grow much more quickly than those with lower interaction rates

Step 3:  Under the Post tab set the performance filter to: Interaction Rate to identify the content that has engaged the largest percentage of your core audience (the people who have Liked the Page or Followed the Account).  The first time you do this, set the time frame to the last year.

Tip: Consider boosting or cross-promoting posts that already have high interaction rates to maximize their impact and to increase your Followers/Likes

Step 4:  Take the posts with the highest interaction rates and save them to your High Interaction Rates Saved Post List.  Then take the posts with the lowest interaction rates and save them to your Low Interaction Rates Saved Post List.

Step 5: Study the posts in both lists to start understanding the patterns and begin optimizing your content to maximize your interaction rate.

Step 6: Load your Pages/Accounts into Intelligence graphs and study the interaction rates over time to gauge how your strategy is working.

Tip: Be sure to run this same analysis on your top competitors and peers.  Study their post mix, framing, etc. to give yourself more data to draw on as you hone your own strategy

Case Study


  • Brut tracked their page performance by Interaction Rate.

  • They began optimizing content for high Interaction Rates and found it led to higher audience engagement, reach, video views, and new followers.

  • Results: In three months their U.S. page grew from 220k fans to 650k, from 30M Monthly video views to 135M.

Identify Facebook Groups to Grow Your Audience

Step 1: Create a Saved Search and set it to search through Groups.  Then search for your organization's base URL to find Groups who have been sharing your content.  You can even search for your publication or brand's name to identify Groups who have been discussing you!


Step 2: Use the Saved Search's Leaderboard to rank the performance of the content you found- use this to identify specific Groups you can leverage to get your content out.


Step 3: Create a similar Saved Search, but this time set it to look for Pages and Profiles.  Identify influencers who are cross-posting your content (and who are doing it successfully) to reach out and form formal cross-posting relationships with them.


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