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Monetizing: Enhancing Your Branded Content Strategy
Monetizing: Enhancing Your Branded Content Strategy
Written by Tess
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What Is This?

This is a part of the Monetization Strategy series. Click to read more tips and tricks.

What Will I Learn?

  • 🤨 How to understand what is and isn't working with your or your competitors' branded content

  • 🏈 How the NFL's Indianapolis Colts use the branded content feature. 


How Do I Enhance My Branded Content Strategy?


Tracking Your Branded Content Performance

Step 1: Re-create your My Content List in your Facebook dashboard.  Set the Branded Content Filter for the List and save the settings.


Step 2: Using the Overperforming and Underperforming filters, begin studying the Branded Content that has performed the best/worst to hone your branded content strategy.  

Tip: Use the Saved Posts feature to keep a collection of your top performing branded content to study later

Step 3: Set up a Digest or Leaderboard notification tied to your branded content List to share your top performing Branded Content posts with your team every month.

Step 4: Create a List of your competitors (be sure to include your own Pages).  Set the Branded Content Filter for the List and save the settings.

Step 5: Set up a Branded Content Leaderboard or Intelligence report to get an idea of how you're performing compared to your competition. Pick some top performing competitors and study their Branded Content to refine your own strategy.


Preparing for New Branded Content Projects

Step 1: Set up a Saved Search looking for terms related to your next Branded Content strategy. i.e. If you're about to create Branded Content for a company's newest hair product, search for words like shampoo, hair care, etc.  Set the Branded Content filter for the Search and save your settings.

Step 2: In the Post tab, set the performance filter to Overperforming and and then to Interaction Rate.  Study the top performing Branded Content for products or markets similar to your Branded Content project to get an idea of what is already resonating with the audience.

Tip: Save some of the top posts to share with your Branded Content partner- it will help build the case for your recommended strategy

Step 3: Once your new Branded Content has launched, use Intelligence graphs to track how that Branded Content has impacted your client's Page, and be sure to check your Branded Content Leaderboard regularly to gauge how your new strategy is playing out!

Case Study

How the Indianapolis Colts use the branded content feature

  1. Use Saved Search Leaderboards to track trends. Identify which pages are producing the most engagement for a specific keyword.

  2. Use the Branded Content filter, put together a monthly digest. Track which branded content posts are performing the best and build strategies around those insights.

  3. Use Intelligence. After enacting the strategies, track how those posts impact the overall page for your client. 


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