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Getting Started with CrowdTangle in Your Newsroom
Getting Started with CrowdTangle in Your Newsroom
Written by Tess
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Sourcing Stories:

Explore: Find already curated lists of sources, influencers, competitors to discover content for your audience and localize stories.

Lists: Set up custom lists of sources for your beat, local businesses and/or competitors for newsrooms to share. 

Search: Search your neighborhoods, beat keywords, trending hashtags and more to discover posts and content related to those topics.

Notifications: Set up alerts and digests for your Lists or Searches to stay on top of what your local sources are posting to social media. 

Measuring Performance:

Intelligence: Track pages, reporters and competitors over time to determine social strategy and industry trends.

Referral Search: Find digital communities sharing and talking about your stories to build brand engagement and context around the audiences you're reaching on social.

Chrome Extension: The easiest way to see who shared a link on social. The Chrome Extension will give you a cross-platform look at a story's impact on social.

Newsroom Literacy:

Leaderboards: Get a birds eye view that quickly ranks how pages and accounts are doing vs each other. 

Live Displays: Create cross-platform post streams and real-time leaderboards that everyone in the newsroom can access.

Notifications: Subscribe senior leaders to leaderboards, journalists to digests and sync alerts to Slack for the whole newsroom. 

Monetizing Social:

Branded Content: Filter content by campaigns to see how they perform and identify new partners to work with.

Subscriptions Strategy: Identify content that's doing well on social platforms and optimize to convert loyal audiences.

Video Strategy: On Facebook, video ad breaks are only available for 3+ minute videos. Video Length will allow you to zero-in on the best performers, hopefully maximizing monetization.

Sales Team: Set digital sales teams up with lists for clients and prospects so they have a strong understanding of their social presence. 

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