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CrowdTangle for Fact-Checkers and Investigative Journalists

April 2021: Learn how fact-checkers use CrowdTangle to hunt down misinfo and investigate trends. We'll talk through how reporters at VERA Files, Deutsche Presse-Agentur and Agence France-Presse use CrowdTangle in their fact-checking work, and show how you can do the same.

Covering COVID Vaccine News Using CrowdTangle

March 2021: Dive into CrowdTangle to better understand how to find COVID vaccine news and information as well as social analysis of the coverage. Liz Neporent, the Executive Editor for Social Media and Community from Medscape joins us in this webinar to show us how they us CrowdTangle.

Monitoring Awards Show Content (Music-Focused)

March 2021: Even though events might not be physically back, awards shows and big music moments are still happening - watch this webinar to learn how CrowdTangle can help you stay on top of the conversations around those moments!

Tracking Followers & Growth (Music-Focused)

February 2021: That's right - CrowdTangle finally has Facebook followers! Learn about the new data and the different features you can use to track and understand account growth on Facebook and Instagram.

CrowdTangle for Canadian Journalists featuring Buzzfeed News' Craig Silverman

February 2021: Learn how Buzzfeed News' Craig Silverman uses CrowdTangle in his reporting, and stay for advanced use cases such as the API, Network Mapping, and Historical Data.

CrowdTangle Basics x Canada News

February 2021: Learn the basics of CrowdTangle, including newsgathering, competitive benchmarking, and figuring out who's sharing your content.

How To Create a Word Cloud Using CrowdTangle Data

January 2021: Tell a news-story through data. Here's a step by step guide on how to use CrowdTangle data to create visually-friendly word clouds.

2020 Recap (In Spanish)

December 2020: In our last 2020 webinar in Spanish we looked to different ways you can use CrowdTangle to create a recap of 2020 in Social Media.

2020 Recap (In Portuguese)

December 2020: In our last 2020 webinar in Portuguese, we looked to different ways you can use CrowdTangle to create a recap of 2020 in Social Media.

December 2020: In our last 2020 session of our Lifestyle Trends series, we go deep on Shopping trends, featuring guests from Oprahmag.com, Hearst Digital and the Instagram Community Lab. Watch it back to find out what’s working well on Facebook, and learn about youth-inspired trends + culture on Instagram through a shopping lens.

CrowdTangle for Music: Lifecycle of an Album (US/LATAM)

October 2020: In this webinar, we walk through the different ways to use CrowdTangle during the phases of an album launch - during the planning phase, on launch day, and putting together a wrap post-launch! Hosted by Kelly, Global Music Lead.

Intro To CrowdTangle - News Focus

October 2020: Use this 101 training for everyone who needs a refresher to CrowdTangle's features, especially if you're covering elections in the U.S. or around the world.

CrowdTangle for Music 101

October 2020: Check out this 101 webinar all about how and why to use CrowdTangle if you're in the music industry! We covered how to create Lists and Notifications to track artists, using Intelligence to report campaign performance, finding influential accounts mentioning your artist via Search, and more. Hosted by Kelly, Global Music Lead.

CrowdTangle for Music: Lifecycle of an Album (APAC)

October 2020: In this webinar, we walk through the different ways to use CrowdTangle during the phases of an album launch - during the planning phase, on launch day, and putting together a wrap post-launch! Hosted by Kelly, Global Music Lead.

Network Mapping with CrowdTangle

October 2020: In this session, we examine the different ways to leverage CrowdTangle for network mapping, and discuss how to format data for use in Gephi, the open-source network mapping tool. We also review using CooRNet to generate rapid link-sharing network maps.

September 2020: It's now really easy to discover top videos and links in your country, and see which topics are trending up or down on Facebook and Instagram. In this video we show you how the New York Times, BBC News and Buzzfeed use the new "Browse" feature of Search to publish stories around social media talking points.

September 2020: We pulled trends for news publishers around what is overperforming and engaging audiences on Facebook and Instagram around the 2020 election.

Using CrowdTangle with the Ad Library

September 2020: This session reviews the Ad Library, Ad Library Report, and Ad Library API. We discuss how to use the Ad Library and CrowdTangle together to get the most insight into your research questions.

Using the CrowdTangle API

September 2020: We review the various functions of the CrowdTangle API, discuss the best strategy to pull data, talk use cases, and look at existing tools that leverage the CrowdTangle API.

How Journalists Tell Election Stories Using CrowdTangle

August 2020: Need help finding local stories about the 2020 elections? We walked through how to cover key races and issues important to your audience. We also discuss similar use cases publishers used covering Brexit.

August 2020: We go over best practices in the family & parenting space, and hear from the New York Times' Farah Miller, and Working Mother's Meredith Bodgas.

Crowdtangle para música (em português)

August 2020: We go over how to track artists, compare them with others, and find potential marketing partners or influencers in this recording. This webinar was recorded in Portuguese.

Crowdtangle para música (en español)

August 2020: We go over how to track artists, compare them with others, and find potential marketing partners or influencers in this recording. This webinar was recorded in Spanish.

We run through how wellness coverage shifted on Facebook and Instagram from pre-COVID, to during the peak of COVID, to afterward. Then Senior Editor Marietta Alessi of SHAPE magazine, shares how her team shifted strategies and what they learned.

How U.S. Newsrooms Are Covering the Protests and Black Lives Matter Movement on Social Media (June 2020)

Trends and pro-tips for social media coverage of the racial justice news cycle.

Introduction To CrowdTangle (May 2020)

Learn the basics of CrowdTangle with local election examples and more.

Introducing Interactions Per Post & CrowdTangle's Local News Industry Trends Report for Understanding Covid-19 Coverage on Facebook (April 2020)

In this session, we introduced the interactions per post metric in Intelligence and our new trends report: Understanding US Local News Coverage on Facebook During COVID-19. We were also joined by Local Media Association's Emilie Lutostanski, who shared additional trends, tips and best practices.

How Local News Can Use CrowdTangle For Search (April 2020)

A basic overview of CrowdTangle's new Search feature and how it helps in your local news coverage of COVID-19, 2020 Elections, 2020 Census and more.

Many social managers have had to act fast and shift strategy during the Covid-19 pandemic to best serve their audiences. So, how's it going? In this session, we highlight how you can use CrowdTangle to gain quick insights about post and content patterns that are working for your accounts on Facebook and Instagram.

How U.S. Newsrooms Are Covering COVID-19 (April 2020)

We highlighted industry trends and top examples, showcasing all the interesting ways newsrooms are covering the health crisis on Facebook and Instagram. Special guests, Dorrine Mendoza and Rebecca Rosenblat from Facebook News Partnerships as well as Micah Grimes from NBC News, showcased successful strategies for using Facebook Groups, Instagram Stories and enterprise coverage. 

CrowdTangle Search for Music & Entertainment

March 2020: Get a walk-through of the new CrowdTangle Search, which makes it easier than ever to search for public content across social media! In this quick webinar, Kelly covers use cases specifically for music and entertainment partners.

Intro To CrowdTangle Featuring CrowdTangle Search and COVID-19 Hub

March 2020: Learn the basic use cases of CrowdTangle and our features in this introductory webinar. We also highlight our new CrowdTangle Search feature and our COVID-19 Public Hub.

Using CrowdTangle for COVID-19 News Coverage 

March 2020: We show you new resources and tips for using CrowdTangle to monitor COVID-19 information on social media. 

Covering the 2020 Election with CrowdTangle and the Facebook Ad Library

March 2020: We show you how to use CrowdTangle to cover the 2020 race, as well as all the functionality in the Facebook Ad Library.


How Researchers Use CrowdTangle Data

February 2020: CrowdTangle's Academics and Researchers Lead Naomi Shiffman walks through how top researchers around the world use CrowdTangle to track coordinated inauthentic behavior, uncover misinformation and analyze sentiment.  Take some of their tactics and apply them to your newsroom.

Reddit 101

February 2020: We host special guest Gabriel Sands from Reddit's media partnership team, who walks through best practices to using Reddit to track trends and source content. Tips include using Reddit to find pre-viral content, using CrowdTangle and Reddit during major news events, and laying out the do's and don'ts of using Reddit as a publisher.

Elections on Instagram: What We Learned from the 2018 Midterms

January 2020: Join us for a look back at the last election cycle, to hear what worked for publishers on Instagram. We'll also cover general best practices for engaging audiences around news on the 'gram.

New Year, New Newsroom 

January 2020: If your work-themed New Year's Resolution was to use CrowdTangle more efficiently, then this is the webinar for you. We talked how to use CrowdTangle without logging in, syncing us with other tools you're already using, and more!

CrowdTangle x Instagram = A Dynamic Duo

December 2019: We were joined by CJ Hernandez from Instagram's Media Partnerships Team to talk about the news audience on Instagram. We'll also dove into how to use CrowdTangle to improve your Instagram strategy. 


Free Story Ideas! How Journalists Can Use CrowdTangle to Find Stories

December 2019: Journalists from the New York Times to Business Insider are using CrowdTangle in their reporting. We walked through recent examples of how major news organizations used CrowdTangle to build and source stories. 


Optimize Your Branded Content Strategy Using CrowdTangle - (Portuguese)

November 2019: Learn how to compare your performance against your competitors, find out which brands are investing in branded content on topics that are relevant to you, and analyze strategies that are working using CrowdTangle. This webinar was recorded in Portuguese.


CrowdTangle Hacks When Tracking Misinformation

November 2019: We walked through CrowdTangle hacks to track misinformation, and also showed examples of how other fact-checkers, journalists and researchers used CrowdTangle in their misinfo work.


How Vox Uses CrowdTangle For Breaking News

November 2019: Vox.com audience development editor Agnes Mazur joined us, and walked through how the company uses CrowdTangle in breaking news situations. We shared a bunch of great tips for journalists and social editors alike!


Getting Started With CrowdTangle: Performance Measurement

November 2019: Use CrowdTangle to optimize your social performance. We covered the basics on how to set up a competitive analysis, identify social trends and referrals. 


How attn: Uses CrowdTangle Video Metrics to Drive their Business

October 2019: Craig Carilli of attn: joined us to chat about how their team used CrowdTangle data for pre- and post-sale insights. 


Reddit + CrowdTangle = Enhanced Elections Coverage

October 2019: We did a deep dive into the Reddit dashboard on CrowdTangle to discover content and gear up for 2020 elections. We were joined by Gabriel Sands, Senior Partnership Manager at Reddit.


Getting Started with CrowdTangle: Newsgathering

October 2019: Find news story inspiration using CrowdTangle. This is a beginner level webinar focused on our newsgathering tools and techniques.


Tool Fatigue Is Real: Using CrowdTangle and Social News Desk For Branded Content and Syndication

October 2019: Tips to help blend newsroom tools you're already using to make your work life easier. Social News Desk joined us to show you how our tools can be used in tandem.


How is U.S. Local News Performing on Facebook?

September 2019: We were joined by the Local Media Association for an overview of our recently released 2019 reports, which spotlight local news publisher trends on Facebook. 


Back to School With CrowdTangle

September 2019: We went back to basics with an introductory webinar that highlighted CrowdTangle's main features. Have some new team members? This is the training for them to watch and learn.


CrowdTangle For Sports (Spanish)

September 2019: Use CrowdTangle to analyze your team and players, compare them with others, find sponsorship opportunities and more. This webinar was recorded in Spanish.


How To Use Our IGTV Features

September 2019: Learn about how our IGTV feature can be utilized within your organizations and teams. 


Tool Fatigue Is Real: Using CrowdTangle And Parse.ly Together

August 2019: Tips to help blend newsroom tools you're already using to make your work life easier. The team from Parse.ly joined us to show you how our tools can be used together.


Newsgathering For The Dog Days Of Summer 

July 2019: Use CrowdTangle to find newsworthy stories when you feel like there "isn't anything going on" in your area. 


CrowdTangle For Mid Year Reviews

June 2019: Set big goals for your newsroom?  We went over how to benchmark your performance, and how to estimate if you'll hit your goals.


CrowdTangle for Elections Coverage

May 2019: Here are some tips and tricks in CrowdTangle to find political stories, track politicians, and uncover election trends. Here's how other publishers use CrowdTangle during elections coverage.

How News Organizations Use CrowdTangle For Fact Checking

May 2019: CrowdTangle is used by fact checkers around the world to uncover and debunk misinformation. The AFP and Politifact joined to present how they use CrowdTangle in their fact-checking work. Tips and tricking included!


How to Use Reddit for News and Events

May 2019: An overview of the Reddit dashboard, including best practices for using it in news moments, and for major events. The Reddit team will also be on hand to answer your deepest Reddit questions. 

Getting Started With CrowdTangle (French)

April 2019: Learn the basic functionality of CrowdTangle. This webinar was recorded in French.


Everything I Need To Know About Live Displays I Learned In This Webinar 

April 2019: You have a live display set up in your newsroom, now what? Make sure your local newsroom live display is working hard for you with tips from this webinar.


CrowdTangle For Sports Desks (Part 1 and 2)

February 2019: Learn how local newsrooms sports desks can use CrowdTangle to track players, reactions and more.


CrowdTangle API Usage and Tips

February 2019: Here's how our API works and how you can use it to integrate our data into your tools. 


Tracking Branded Content On CrowdTangle

February 2019: Learn about all our branded content features on Facebook and Instagram. 


Newsgathering For Love

February 2019: Find all those feed-good love stories on social media with the tips and tricks from this webinar. 


CrowdTangle For Awards Season

January 2019: With the Grammys, the BAFTAs, the Oscars, and more - learn all the ways CrowdTangle can help you make the most out of Awards Season!


New Year, New Newsroom

January 2019: If your work-themed new year's resolution is to use CrowdTangle more efficiently, then this is the webinar for you.

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