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Account Administration: Managing Teams
Account Administration: Managing Teams
Written by Tess
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Important Update to CrowdTangle | March 2024: CrowdTangle will no longer be available after August 14, 2024. Please see our FAQ for more information.

What Are Teams?

Teams are a way to organize Dashboard access in your account.  Dashboards can be assigned to specific Teams, giving members access to all of those Dashboards.

Why would I use Teams?

To quickly and easily manage Dashboard access for your users.

How Do I Use Teams?

Teams are groups of people who need the same access to the same Dashboards.  There are a variety of ways to organize your Team structure, but they're commonly organized around departments and publications.

Large parent companies, for example, often create a team for each of their affiliates or publications and assign separate Dashboards for each.  Other organizations create different Teams for different Departments: Editorial, Sales & Marketing, etc.  

Think about the people who need CrowdTangle access and how comfortable they would each be sharing the same Dashboards and Lists.  Here are some situations that may call for the creation of separate Teams (and Dashboards):

  • If you're concerned that they'll end up creating separate yet similar sounding Lists (like "Competitive" or "My Pages") in their Dashboards

  • If you are planning on using the Slack integration, and they are on different Slack instances

  • If they are in different regions of the world and use different delimiters (Semicolons instead of commas, for example)


Any Account Owner can create a Team by going to the Teams section of their Account Settings.


Managing Teams

Dashboards:  If the Dashboards you want to assign to the Team already exist, you can use the "Add" button to assign them to a Team.   (Dashboards can only be assigned to one Team each)  Otherwise, you can use the "Create Dashboard" button to make new ones to assign to the Team.  Users who are added to the Team will automatically have access to each Dashboard assigned to it.

Team Owners:  Team Owners are users who have been given the ability to manage that Team.  Account Owners and other Team Owners can promote existing Team members to Owner or add new members directly as Team Owners.  Once someone has been assigned the Team Owner role, they will have access to the Team management section of Account Settings.

Team Members:  

Team members can be added either by clicking on "Invite Member" or by selecting a Dashboard associated with the Team and choosing from the users who have access to that Dashboard.  

Approved Team Domains:

You can enable your users to self-register for a team through your Enterprise Sign-Up page.  Clicking on "Add Domain" will allow you to associate a specific email domain (i.e. with the Team.  Any user who registers through your Enterprise Sign-Up page whose email address matches that domain will automatically be added to this Team.  

Note- that each email domain can only be associated with one Team, and domains that are already set at the Account level cannot be associated with any Teams.



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