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Q. What data does CrowdTangle track?

A. Read this article for information on the data that CrowdTangle tracks.

Q. How should I cite CrowdTangle data, or describe it in an article I’m writing?

A. This article contains information about how to cite and describe CrowdTangle data.



Q. How can I see incremental change in a post’s interactions over time?

A. To see how a post’s interactions have changed over time, click the inverted carat on the upper-right-hand corner of the post, and click “download CSV”. This will show you the timesteps and corresponding change in interaction rates in an Excel CSV file. 

Q. How can I see how many times a keyword has been mentioned in the CrowdTangle database?

A. To see how many times a keyword has been mentioned, set up a Saved Search with your parameters. Then, navigate to the leaderboard in the Saved Search. This will show you how many posts each source has made with that keyword within the time period your search is set for. 

Q. How often is the data on Posts refreshed?

A. We refresh the data for Facebook and Instagram Posts about once every 15 minutes. 



Q. Why don’t I have access to the Posts/Search API even though I have API access enabled?

A. Posts/Search is the only API endpoint we don’t activate by default, because it’s a heavier call than all the others. In order to activate it, just write into and ask for it to be activated. Once you provide us with your use case, we’ll activate it and you’ll be good to go. 

Q. Can I increase my API call limit beyond 6 calls/min (Posts, Search, Leaderboard, Lists) and 2 calls/min (Links)?

A. Please write into and request the increase that you need. Once the tech team approves the request and adjusts the rate limit in our system, you’ll be good to go.

Q. Why is it taking so long for the API to load data, and how can I make sure that CrowdTangle doesn’t crash for everyone while I’m using the API?

A. If you are not setting start and end date parameters, it takes our system much longer, and takes more energy, to query the database. A call should take about 10 seconds for very long queries, and with data parameters, should only take in the hundreds of milliseconds. Set date parameters to speed up your call, and to make sure CrowdTangle stays available for everyone!

Q. Can I do a weighted search with the Posts/Search endpoint? 

A. No. The Search endpoint operates similarly to the Historical Data download in the UI, wherein you can’t weight or set very granular parameters. If you want to pull in data from a weighted search using the API, create the search using Saved Search in the UI, and then pull from that search by putting the search ID into the /Posts endpoint.



Q. Can I give CrowdTangle access to my students? 

A. Currently, we only allow employees of your university or organization to access CrowdTangle through your account, and unfortunately, this does not include students (unless they’re your Research Assistant). We’re still exploring policies for the Academics and Researchers vertical, and it’s possible this will change in the future.

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