December 2019

  • Updating How We Calculate Total Facebook Comments. As of December 23rd, we will be updating how we calculate total Facebook comments to include replies. Prior to this change, CrowdTangle included top-line comments in the total number. All other metrics across platforms will stay the same. We will be updating all historical posts in the CrowdTangle database to reflect this new number. [Update: As of January 2020, the historical update is complete.]

October 2019

  • Instagram Follower Graphs in Intelligence. We’ve added three new ways to analyze and visualize Instagram follower counts in Intelligence. Under the Followers tab, rather than just see the total number of followers, you can now see how growth is fluctuating day to day, the rate at which you’re growing, and how your account has grown historically. These three new graphs will help give you a more granular view for how well your account is attracting new followers. Read our FAQ. 

  • Link Search [Beta].  We’ve replaced ‘Link Checker’ — where you could place a URL into CrowdTangle and see who has posted about that URL — with a new surface that mirrors the Chrome Extension functionality. The product is currently in beta and it will evolve over the coming months. Read our FAQ. 

September 2019

Product Updates

  • Twitter has been disabled on CrowdTangle (September 30). Twitter dashboards have been removed, as has Twitter data in Intelligence and Live Displays. You can still access the most recent 7 days worth of Tweets within the CrowdTangle Chrome Extension. You can also find Twitter analytics tools at

🙌 Product Releases

CrowdTangle Chrome Extension V3.0 (September 26): We've released an updated version of our Chrome Extension. Updates include: 

  • We will now be sorting out referrals by each platform. You will see tabs for Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and Reddit.
  • Twitter data will appear significantly faster than before. Lag time should be no more than a few minutes between what appears on Twitter and what is shown in the Chrome Extension.
  • Twitter data now be limited to the past 7 days of Tweets.
  • Tweets will be surfaced from all public accounts on Twitter instead of just the limited set of partners within the CrowdTangle database. However, Twitter does not guarantee that every single Tweet will be surfaced every time.
  • You will need to log into Twitter from the Chrome Extension to view Twitter data.
  • Currently, the Chrome Extension does not surface short link referrals on Twitter. However, we are actively looking into a solution for this.

  • IGTV in CrowdTangle (September 12): You can now view IGTV data across lists, searches, live displays, intelligence, and email notifications. Read more in our FAQ here.
  • Filter Facebook Posts by country (9/5): We’ve added the ability to filter posts by country in lists and searches. This will give you the ability to create saved searches by country, see what content is overperforming in various regions, and more. When looking at the post stream within lists or searches, select ‘more,’ scroll down to country, and select the country you’d like to filter by. Read the FAQ.
  • 'Pages Breakdown' for lists in Intelligence: Intelligence now shows you a breakdown of every single Page from a list within the ‘Pages Breakdown,’ and allows you to select up to 20 Pages you’d like to compare.

August 2019

🙌 Product Releases 

  • 'Posts with this video' Feature (8/22). You can now easily see what other posts include the same uploaded video across Pages and public groups, as long as they are in the CrowdTangle database. This lets you view when and where the original video was posted, who crossposted it, and others that shared it. To access this, click on ‘Video’ at the top of a post. The different posts with the same video are then labeled as ‘Owned’ ‘Share’ or ‘Crosspost’ along with the view count from each individual post. You can also download this info into a CSV. Learn more here.

July 2019

🙌 Product Releases 

  • Facebook Premieres and Scheduled Lives (7/29). Premieres and Scheduled Facebook Live posts will be tracked properly w/ interaction and video view data. Older posts (that may have been missing) have been added and updated. For now, we aren't tagging them as Premieres nor are we treating them as a different post type with their own benchmarks. A Premiere is a Facebook Video and a Scheduled Live is a Facebook Live. In most cases, you shouldn't expect us to capture the status post that preempts a Premiere and Scheduled Live.
  • Video Length property added to API endpoint (7/11). Posts object will have video length as field, recorded in milliseconds. 
  • Hot Link to Facebook Ad Library (7/17). There is now a hotlink to see active ads for that Facebook Page. 

May 2019

🙌 Product Releases 

  • Intelligence Large Reports (5/7). The limit on Intelligence reports has been increased from 10 to 20 pages/accounts.

April 2019

🙌 Product Releases 

  • Star your favorite lists (4/10). Favorites will appear at the top of each List, Saved Search, Saved Post sections inside your shared dashboards. These favorites are private to you, only you will see them. 
  • Add Branded Content filter (“as publisher”, “as marketer”) to Intelligence for Facebook and Instagram (4/3) You can now look up engagement metrics over time for a specific account or multiple accounts and compare against each other. This is the same data that was already available in the leaderboard, we're just bringing it into Intelligence.
  • Add Branded Content leaderboard email option (4/3) This matches 1:1 to our current Branded Content leaderboard, and is just in email form so people can receive it in scheduled format like any of our other notifications
  • Add a leaderboard (“as publisher”, “as marketer”) that rolls up Branded Content post data on the account level in Page Details (4/3) This is the same data that was already available within our tool, we're just taking out a few clicks to simplify a common use case.
  • Add additional metrics to our Branded Content leaderboards (4/3) This is data we already have in our system, we're just doing some math in a standardized fashion to simplify the process for partners. Metrics include: % of Video Views on Branded Posts, % of Video Posts on Branded Posts and Interactions Per Branded Video. 

March 2019

🙌 Product Releases

  • Facebook Non-Live post type (3/21)
    You can now filter for Facebook videos but exclude Facebook Live videos via the Facebook Non-Live post type. 
  • Video Length available on all Facebook videos across all major surfaces (3/21)
    View video length on any post and filter the post stream by video length via a slider (ie. posts over 3 minutes) and sort by interactions or overperforming.

In Intelligence, you can view video views and video count by video length and total video time. In the Owned Video Leaderboard, see total view time, plus the total number of — and percentage of — 3+ min videos (in hover and export) at the page-level. As well, you can now export video length data from the post stream, leaderboard and historical data. 

Read more about video length here.

  • Set Filter By default setting (3/1)
    In Dashboard Settings, you can now set the dashboard to default to Total Interactions, Most Recent, Underperforming, or Interaction Rate. Before Overperforming was always the default unless you sat a default on a list.

February 2019

🙌 Product Releases

  • Add Instagram Branded Content (2/14)
    You can how search and filter for Instagram Branded Content just like in a Facebook dashboard. This data is also available in leaderboard form. See article for more information.
  • Add Albums as Post Type to Intelligence (2/14)
  • Instagram Albums filter-able in Live Displays (2/6)
  • Add "Marked as Breaking" filter for Viral Alerts (2/6)You can receive viral alerts (via email or Slack) for Facebook posts that are "marked as breaking" which is also available in Live Displays and Dashboard streams. 

January 2019

🙌 Product Releases

  • Instagram Albums filter-able in dashboard streams (1/29)
    You can filter for Instagram album posts from a dashboard stream. 
  • Instagram Albums as a post type in Leaderboards (1/24)
    Album posts are listed as post type alongside photos and videos in Leaderboard tooltips and CSV downloads.
  • Slack Integration
    We replaced the cumbersome Slack integration using webhooks with a simple "Add To Slack" button using our official Slack App. Learn more here
  • Instagram Albums as a post type in Dashboard streams
    We now support the Instagram Album post type. Long time coming! It is not yet filterable but you can know see all the images and videos in a native-like carousel format. In the coming weeks, we will be making it a first-class post type along side video and album post types. 

December 2018

🙌 Product Releases

  • Adding Pages, Groups, and Accounts to Intelligence
    You no longer need to add a Page, Account, or Group to an existing List in one of your Dashboards in order to pull it into an Intelligence graph!  Now when you use the Intelligence search bar to find a Page, Account, or Group a message that says "Not seeing what you're looking for?" will pop up.  If you click on it, it will show you Pages/Accounts/Groups that are not yet in the CrowdTangle database- each with the word "Add" next to them.  Clicking on "Add" will add it to the database and the Intelligence graph.  Note- Facebook Verified Profiles still need to be added to a LIst in one of your dashboards before being added to an Intelligence graph.  It also may take several minutes for historical data to show up.  You can read more about it here.

October 2018

🙌 Product Releases

  • Explore Section Enhancements
    The Explore Section in each of your Facebook, Instagram, and Reddit Dashboards has been improved!  You can now filter Lists by tags and browse by more useful categories (including new ones like Social Issues and Communities).  Explore Lists added to your own Lists will now updated automatically when CrowdTangle updates them.  Explore Lists can now also automatically be accessed in Intelligence or Saved Searches without having added them to your own Lists first.  Finally, Account Owners can now publish custom Lists- making them available to all of their Account's users in the Explore section.  Learn more here.

September 2018

🙌 Product Releases

  • Mark As False News Experiment
    As a part of Facebook's continuing efforts to battle false news on the platform, you can now identify link posts as false in your CrowdTangle Facebook dashboards.  We're currently testing the validity of this as a signal for our misinformation team!  You can read more about the feature here.

June 2018

🙌 Product Releases

  • Intelligence for Lists
    You can now add Lists to an Intelligence graph as long as the List has no more than 500 Pages, Profiles, accounts, or subreddits in it.   
  • Facebook Verified Profiles
    CrowdTangle can now track Verified Facebook Profiles that have been set to allow anyone to Follow them.  These can be added to Lists, Intelligence graphs, Searches, and Leaderboards in the same way you add Facebook Pages.

April 2018

🙌 Product Releases

  • New Top Level Navigation
    You can now access Live Displays and Intelligence by navigating to the top of CrowdTangle in your browser.  Additionally, the Live Display drop down now shows you "Featured Live Displays"- public Live Displays created for you by CrowdTangle- and any recently visited Live Displays of your own.  The Intelligence drop down will also allow quick access to your saved reports.

📋 New Explore Lists Available

  • Travel Influencers (IG): Updated from 200 to 456 accounts
  • Wellness Influencers (IG): New
  • Beauty Influencers (IG): Updated from 150 to 201 accounts
  • Fitness Stars (IG): Updated from 50 to 96 accounts
  • Music Photographers (IG): New 
  • Mexico Elections (FB) New

📺 Live Displays

🐞 Bugs Squished!

  • Fixed a bug causing some Instagram unverified users to occasionally show as verified
  • Fixed a permissions bug that was sometimes interfering with cloning Dashboards
  • Fixed Chinese filters on post stream
  • Fixed a bug that was negatively impacting Saved Search performance
  • Fixed a bug that would occasionally cause custom date range searches to take much longer than expected 

March 2018

🙌 Product Releases

  • Date Comparisons in Intelligence                            
    You can now compare a single account/page over multiple time frames and multiple accounts/pages over different time frames


🙌 Product Releases

  • Intelligence Reaction Type Breakdown
    Intelligence will now allow you to filter by specific reaction types in the Interaction Types filter on the right hand side.

📋 New Explore lists Available

  • Fashion Week Beauty Teams (Instagram)
  • West Midlands MPs  (Facebook)
  • Scotland MPs  (Facebook)
  • Scotland MSPs  (Facebook)
  • West Midlands emergency services  (Facebook)
  • West Midlands news and media (Facebook)
  • Scotland news and media (Facebook)
  • Scotland emergency services (Facebook)
  • Politics (Italy)  (Facebook)

📺 Live Displays

🐞 Bugs Squished!

  • Fixed an issue in Link Checker and the Chrome Extension where searches would sometimes miss original links.


🙌 Product Releases

  • Leaderboards Interaction Type Breakdown
    Leaderboards will now break down the total interactions value by interaction type, as well as post type when you mouse over the total interaction number.  That includes comments, shares, and reactions.  Show Me
  • New Leaderboards for Comments, Shares, and Reactions
    You can now create Leaderboards specifically for comments, shares, and reactions by clicking on the Post Type drop down while viewing a Leaderboard.  Show Me
  • Pending Dashboard Requests
    You can now see and manage outstanding requests to access your dashboards under Account Settings ➡️Users.  Show Me
  • PDF Exports in Intelligence
    You can now export Intelligence Reports as a single PDF or CSV form.  (Previously Intelligence reports would export as a separate CSV for each page tracked). Show Me
  • Enable View Count
    You can now leverage the CrowdTangle API to get view count from Facebook and Instagram.
  • Recently Viewed Dashboards
    When logging in, CrowdTangle will now show you a list of your most recently viewed dashboards to make it easier to get to your favorite dashboards quickly. Show Me
  • Saved Searches: Query String Toggle
    Previously, search would default to searching within a post's query string.  Saved Searches now ignore query strings by default.  This can be toggled by checking the "Include Query Strings" box under "More Search Options".  For more information click here.  Show Me
  • Archived Dashboards
    Dashboards that haven't been accessed for six months or more are now automatically moved to an archive and removed from the list of dashboards seen upon login.  The dashboards can be removed from the archive by going to Account Settings ➡️Dashboards. Show Me

📋 New Explore lists available

  • PyeongChang Winter Athletes (FB, TW, IG)
  • PyeongChang Winter NGBs (FB, TW, IG)
  • PyeongChang Winter IOCs (FB, TW, IG)
  • PyeongChang Winter Official Partners (FB, TW, IG)
  • Grammys 2018 - Nominees (FB, IG)
  • Grammys 2018 - Performers (FB, IG)
  • Grammys 2018 - Presenters (FB, IG)
  • Glam Squad (IG)
  • Carnival Street Groups (FB)
  • Carnival Drum Queens (FB)

📺 Live Displays

🐞 Bugs Squished!

  • Fixed an issue where people signing up were occasionally being bounced to the lock screen
  • Downloaded saved posts will now download the whole set when set to "my order"
  • Fixed an issue where downloading saved post lists from an Instagram dashboard would set the video views to 0
  • Fixed an issue where viral alerts and referral alerts would disregard language settings for lists
  • Fixed an issue where Leaderboards would show NaN (Not a Number) instead of a percentage if the number of posts it was considering exceeded 1000
  • Fixed an issue where Live Display titles would occasionally stop updating and graphs would sometimes show up when they shouldn't
  • Slack messages for groups should now display the correct URLs
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